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Battle of the AtlanticThe dark days of 1941, in the Atlantic,and the struggle to survive, are epitomised by two comments from Winston Churchill:

"When you think how easy it is to sink ships at sea, and how hard it is to build them, and when you realise that we never had less than 2000 ships afloat, and 300 to 400 in the danger zone, and of the great Armies we are nuturing,and reinforcing in the East, and of the world wide traffic we have to carry on, when you think of all this, can you wonder that it is the Battle of the Atlantic which holds the first place in the thoughts of those upon whom the responsibility for final Victory rests.

"The Merchant Navy, with Allied comrades, night and day, in weather fair or foul, faced not only the ordinary perils on the sea, but the sudden assaults of war from beneath the waters or from the sky. Your first task is to bring to port the cargoes vital for us at home or for our Armies abroad, and we trust your tenacity and resolve to see this stern task through. We are a seafaring race, and we understand the call of the sea. We account you in these hard days worthy successors in a tradition of steadfast courage and high adventure, and we feel confident that proud tradition of our Island will be upheld today, wherever the Ensign of a British Merchantman is flown."

These articles make up a good cross section of the struggles of those days.

Ahoy Articles about The Battle of the Atlantic.

The Role of Western Approaches Command in the Battle of the Atlantic
24 April 2002   (Chronological date: )

One of the crucial decisions made during the Battle of the Atlantic, was to relocate the Western Approaches Command on the 7th. of February, 1941, from Plymouth to Liverpool.

HMAS Australia to the rescue
02 March 2003   (Chronological date: )

Although this rescue took place almost sixty two years ago, I can still visualise the joy on the faces of those we rescued, and remember the anger and sadness we all experienced at having to leave the remaining four airmen to face a certain death.

German Bombers rain bombs down  on Liverpool. A close run thing for HMAS Australia, December 1940
19 May 2002   (Chronological date: )

During our time in dock, Liverpool was subjected to severe German bombing raids over several nights in November / December.

HMAS Australia in the Atlantic
22 May 2002   (Chronological date: )

Sunday the 9th. of February dawned, it happens to be my 19th. birthday, still at sea, and a long long way from home.  Finally, we shepherd our segment of the convoy into Durban harbour, its the 16th. of February, our long journey, taking 5 weeks, is over, all the ships that commenced this voyage have arrived safely at their destination, our job is done.

Marauders of the Sea, German Armed Merchant Raiders During World War 2 - Index
30 May 2002   (Chronological date: )

One of the lesser reported events of World War 2 is the success achieved by Germany's "Surface Raiders" or Armed Merchant Ships. Look at a globe depicting the world's land masses, and you will be impressed by the vast expanses of oceans that circle the earth, in fact, seven tenths of the World's surface is water.  These oceans became "Home" for the "Marauders of the Sea" in W.W.2 carrying a slew of names such as "Atlantis," (no doubt the doyen of this group) "Orion," "Widder." "Thor," "Pinguin," "Komet," "Michel," "Stier," and "Togo, and, the best known, "Kormoran," who was involved with the disappearance and death of the famous Australian Cruiser "Sydney."  In its own small way this work seeks to redress the paucity of reportage in this area of Maritime History.

WW2 Liberty Ships - The Bridge of Steel - Spanning the Atlantic - Linking Britain to America
18 June 2002   (Chronological date: )

In April of 1941, 800,000 tons of shipping was sent to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, by U-Boats, these ships were being sunk at a faster rate than they could be built. In September of 1940, Britain sent a delegation off to the United States with a ship design, and an order for 60 ships, designated as the Ocean Class, of 10,000 tons with a 2,500 horse power engine to produce a speed of 10 knots. This inititive really acted as the catalyst, setting in motion the US move to develop their ship building program, that resulted in the Liberty Ships.

Royal Navy Town Class Destroyers of WW2
20 June 2002   (Chronological date: )

Winston Churchill and President Franklin Roosevelt, in 1940, struck a deal under the US Lend Lease Act whereby, 50 old US WW1 Destroyers, which had been part of the US moth ball Fleet since the 1920's, were to be handed over to Britain, in exchange for 99 year leases on bases in the Western Hemisphere.

The Blue Star Line's Tuscan Star, Torpedoed and sunk. The 6th. of September, 1942. Another Victim of the U-Boat War.
24 May 2003   (Chronological date: )

This ship had been built as a Motor Vessel of 11,400 tons in 1930,and usually carried refrigerated cargo on her return journeys to England, and general cargo on the outward legs of her voyages.  I was aware that this ship had been sunk some 9 months after I sailed in her, but did not know the circumstances surrounding her sinking, until I recently read a book about U-109, published in 1997.

The Role of the Rescue Ships in the Battle of the Atlantic - The Role of the Rescue Ships in the Battle of the Atlantic
22 November 2002   (Chronological date: )

In WW2, the British Merchant Navy suffered losses of some 32,952 personnel from a total strength of about 185,000. This figure represents a loss of 17.8%, and compares unfavourably with losses of 6% for the British Army, 9% for the Royal Air Force, and 9.3% for the Royal Navy. These enormous losses would have been even higher were it not for the 29 Rescue Ships which became operational from January 1941, and served until April 1945.

U-767 Lost and found
08 September 2003   (Chronological date: )

Open hatch of U767 at 250 feet in English Channel. Click to read the article.
 Note these photographs are reproduced with the permission of Leigh Bishop. Thanks Leigh.She made but one patrol with very limited success, one ship of 1,370 tons sunk, the British Frigate Mourne, on the 15th. of June 1944. Only three days later U-767 was detected by three ships from the British Support Group 14, HM ships Fame, Inconstant, and Havelock. Fame attacked with her Hedge Hog, reporting two or three hits at a depth of 95 feet, the Hedge Hog, an ahead throwing weapon, firing off 24 under water projectiles which only explode on achieving a hit on their submarine target.

SS Athenia, First Casualty of the U-Boat War on the 3rd. of September 1939
29 September 2003   (Chronological date: )

Berlin found out about this attack from news reports, and knowing that U-30 was the only Boat in that area, were soon able to pin this error on her. SS Athenia sinking, First Casualty of the U-Boat War - click to read the articleHitler now wanted a cover up. He did not wish to have another event like the Lusitania affair from WW1 coming back to haunt him, plus Donitz, and his U-Boat arm. Goebells spread the word that it was the British that had themselves torpedoed Athenia, in their attempt to bring the United States quickly into WW2 against Germany

The Headquarters of Western Approaches Command, from whence THE BATTLE OF THE ATLANTIC was fought.
22 May 2004   (Chronological date: )

It was below the streets of Liverpool, and amongst other things included the giant vertical plotting board. See "Western Approaches War Room and Ships." On it were shown all the convoys going both ways to and from USA to UK, and all the information from radio intercepts, and the reading of the German Navy codes, about the location and plans for the U-Boats at sea, anywhere in the world, but in the main, in the North Atlantic.

How many enemy aircraft were shot down by U-Boats in WW2?
27 May 2004   (Chronological date: )

Operation Drumbeat, a German plan that sent five U-boat submarines to the East Coast of the United States to attack merchant ships during 1942
27 May 2004   (Chronological date: )

Kptlt Reinhard Hardgen, the most successful U-Boat commander in Operation Drumbeat - click to read the articleWith the German declaration of war against the US, all restrictions on German U-Boats attacking American shipping were removed. Admiral Donitz in charge of the U-Boat arm, was anxious to prepare a concentrated attack on United States shipping operating up and down the domestic American East Coast.


The Top Ten German U-Boat Aces of World War 2
09 June 2004   (Chronological date: )

Knights Cross - click to read the articleOver WW2, Germany produced a number of outstanding U-Boat commanders, from amongst this elite list, I have used the tonnage of enemy shipping sunk, as my yardstick to select the top ten U-Boat Aces from this conflict. I list them in rank order according to their success in sinking Allied ships, and paint a brief pen picture of each of them.

Operation Deadlight, the scuttling of German U-Boats that were captured by the Allies after WW2
07 August 2004   (Chronological date: )

Operation Deadlight - click to read the articleIn 2001, the submarine hunter Innes McCartney, led Phase 1 of the Operation Deadlight Expedition which was the first time that technical Divers had surveyed and identified the wrecks of these German U-Boats, that had been scuttled by the Allies in waters off Northern Ireland and Scotland. Some 54 Submarines lie in deep water that with today's diving equipment are very reachable.

The Development of the Catapult Armed Merchantman ( CAM Ships. )
30 October 2004   (Chronological date: )

Click to read the articleIn a desperate attempt to close the gap in the Atlantic Ocean that could not be covered by Allied aircraft flying west from England, and east from Canada, the concept of the Auxiliary Fighter Catapult Ships under the White Ensign, and the Catapult Armed Merchantmen ( CAM ships ) sailing under the Red Duster was conceived and born.

Coastal Command Sunderland, U from Squadron 461, Sinks German U-Boat, U-461 in the Bay of Biscay.
05 November 2004   (Chronological date: )

Sunderland attacking U-boats, cick to read the articleAt my stint at the Shrine yesterday, Thursday the 4th. of November I shared the shift with Keith Lindner who had served in HMAS Warramunga during WW2. Keith told me a relative had served in Coastal Command during WW2, and his Sunderland had sunk a German Submarine in the Bay of Biscay, the only details he knew was that this aircraft carried the same designation as did the U-Boat. eg U-761 versus U-Boat U-761.

Liberty Ship William Dawes. Sunk by I-11 on the 22nd. of July 1942. Wreck found in November 2004
16 November 2004   (Chronological date: )

Liberty ship - click to read the articleLiberty Ship William Dawes, hull number 180, was laid down on the 26th. of October 1941, launched on the 9th. of February 1942, to be completed on the 7th. of May of that year, had but a short life in service. She was one of 2,751 ships of this class built in the United States over WW2, and also one of 200 torpedoed, falling victim to the Japanese submarine I-11 on the 22nd. of July 1942, off the coast of New South Wales, Australia.

List of 93 Passengers killed when Athenia was torpedoed by German U-30, on Sunday the 3rd. of September 1939
23 June 2006   (Chronological date: )

Athenia was torpedoed by German U-Boat U-30, on the day World War 2 was declared. No doubt the sterile black print of this list of passengers who died when Athenia was torpedoed, masks a number of poignant stories.

The Athenia Page, index to articles about Passenger Liner Athenia
01 July 2006   (Chronological date: )

Athenia index - click to read moreGiven all the interest in the sinking of the Passenger Liner Athenia on the day WW2 declared, and the fact that we have recently found some of the lists for her survivors, and those who died, we have decided to consolidate all our references to her on this site, The Athenia Page.

Submarines and ships in the Battle of the Atlantic on postage stamps
01 July 2006   (Chronological date: )

List of 455 Officers and sailors who were missing or killed when their three ships (Veteran, Boadicea, and Mourne) were sunk by German forces in WW2.
01 July 2006   (Chronological date: )

Survivors from Athenia picked up by the City of Flint, to be transported to Halifax
09 July 2006   (Chronological date: )

This list from the Times of London archives indicates that the majority of these survivors rescued from the Athenia which was torpedoed by German U-Boat U-30, on Sunday the 3rd. of September 1939, were Americans.

First newspaper report about Bernice Jansen being aboard Athenia when it was sunk by German U-Boat U-30, on the 3rd. of September 1939
24 July 2006   (Chronological date: )

Bernice Jansen - click to read moreAt this stage it was unknown if Bernice had survived. Its quite wonderful to get these reports from newspapers of that time. I acknowledge with thanks the generosity of Christy Velasco of California in sharing her records with AHOY.

Athenia Manuscript authored by Judith Evelyn
05 December 2006   (Chronological date: )

Judith's Manuscript ( tied up with ribbon ) covered her sailing, being sunk, and rescued from the liner Athenia, in the first casualty of the WW2 U-Boat war in the Atlantic. The ship was sunk by U-30 on Sunday the 3rd.of September 1939 the very first day that WW2 had been declared.

93 passengers and 19 crew members died.

An interview with Captain F.A.J. Downer, CO of the Northern Spray with Convoy ONS 5
26 February 2007   (Chronological date: )

Captain F.A.J. Downer - click to read moreSeptember 1939 brought the outbreak of the Second World War and Capt. Downer laid aside his British India uniform for that of the Royal Navy. His service was mainly in corvettes and frigates, first taking part in anti-submarine patrols off Norway in the Narvik area, and then in the Western Approaches, based at Liverpool and Birkenhead.

Luftwaffe attack their own Destroyers on February 22nd. 1940
03 March 2007   (Chronological date: )

The aircraft now returned machine gun fire, seemingly assuring all the ships it was an enemy plane. But Max Schulz reported this aircraft was in fact friendly, one of her lookouts had spotted a German Cross on a wing, but no one else wanted to accept that report, especially after that 1st. exchange of gunfire.

Wolf Packs slaughter ships in Convoys SC-7 and HX-79, in October 1940
12 March 2007   (Chronological date: )

Wolf Packs slaughter ships in Convoys SC-7 and HX-79 - click to read moreThis became one of the most famous Wolf Pack attacks between the nights of October 16th to the 19th, 1940. Convoy SC7 was repeatedly attacked by a pack of seven boats, sinking 20 ships out of 34 in the convoy. The very next night, convoy HX79 was attacked with further losses of 13 ships, making a total of 33 ships in 48 hours. These attacks mounted against the two convoys came to be known as “The Night of the Long Knives”.

"Operation Menace." September 23, 24, 25, 1940. HMAS Australia and the debacle at Dakar with General Charles de Gaulle
01 May 2002   (Chronological date: 1940-09-23)

This operation must be judged a complete failure on our part, a battleship badly damaged and put out of action for a considerable time when every Fleet unit was desperately needed to support the Naval war, and the strong possibility of a German invasion of England. Three cruisers and one destroyer all hit by enemy shells, plus Fleet Airarm and our Walrus aircraft shot down.

The Battle For Convoy ONS 5. 26th.April - 6th. May 1943
26 April 2004   (Chronological date: 1942-04-06)

Atlantic Star award - click to read the article.Outward North Atlantic Slow Five, short name ONS 5, with a code name of MARFLEET, was made up of 43 merchant ships, in the main they could be classified as elderly, their destination Halifax in Nova Scotia, with a few ships destined for New York and Boston. This motley band of grey vessels with their names painted out had sailed from five ports, Milford Haven, Liverpool, the Clyde, Oban, and Londonderry.

SS Ceramic, a victim of U-515 on the 7th. of December 1942
23 July 2003   (Chronological date: 1942-12-07 )

The SS Ceramic - click to read the articleWhen steaming west of the Azores on the 7th. of December 1942 the Ceramic was sighted and then stalked by the German U-Boat U-515. We have already made the acquaintance of this boat and her Captain Werner Henke. The weather was cold with rough seas and the time about 2000. ( 8 PM ) Then Henke struck with one torpedo, and several minutes after this explosion, two more hits were made in the engine room.


German Radio called it "Greatest Convoy Battle of all Time." 40 U-Boats carve up Convoys SC122 and HX229. 16-19 March 1943.
29 April 2005   (Chronological date: 1943-03-11)

B-24 Very Long Range Aircraft used to cover Convoys SC122 and HZ229 - click to read moreThe whole scenario was only saved from being a total disaster by the fact that surface reinforcements came in from Iceland, but more importantly, the air umbrella flown by VLR B-24's, B-17's and Sunderlands found many of the attacking U-Boats and forced them to keep their heads down, and a real plus for the aircraft, U-384 was sunk. In all, 54 sorties were flown over the two convoys, the aircraft reporting sighting 32 boats, and attacking them 21 times, a busy time for all the airmen involved.

Korvettenkapitan ( granted postumously ) Werner Henke. A top U-Boat Ace.
19 July 2003   (Chronological date: 1944-07-18 )

Werner Henke - Click to read the articleOn the 18th. of July 1944 Admiral Donitz issued the following day order for his U-Boat force:

"Commander Kapitanleutnant Werner Henke, recipient of the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves to the Iron Cross, was killed during an attempt to escape from captivity. We have lost one of our best. He combined reckless daring with prudence and outstanding ability. He proved himself against convoys, independent merchantships and warships, and sinking 26 ships for a total of 166,000 tons, one cruiser and one destroyer. We strike the colors for a man of iron and a brave fighter who was an inspiring example to his crew, and for a good comrade. The struggle against the enemy, in which he was killed, will continue."

The Role of the Submarine in World War 2
26 April 2002   (Chronological date: F  sort)

Which country controlled the most efficient Submarine Fleet during this global conflict?

Under Water Warfare, The Struggle Against the Submarine Menace, 1939 -1945 - Index
01 June 2002   (Chronological date: G  sort)

On patrol - click to read articleThis work is dedicated to all who fought at sea or in the air in the Battle of the Atlantic, the Sailors in Naval ships, the Crews of the Merchant Navy, and the Airmen from Coastal Command . This battle raged from the day war was declared on Sunday the 3rd. of September, 1939, to the 4th. of May 1945, when Admiral Donitz ordered his U-Boats to cease operations, and return to base.

German U-Boat U-534. Her Three Separate Lives. From 1942 /1996, and is still on display near Liverpool. - German U-Boat U-534. Her Three Separate Lives. From 1942 /1996, and is still on display near Liverpool.
24 January 2004   (Chronological date: N  sort)

U-534 - click to read the articleU-534 was taken over by the Warship Preservation Trust, and in May 1996 was brought to England, and placed on display at The Nautilus Maritime Museum at Birkenhead, Wirral, across the Mersey River from the City of Liverpool. It was symbolic that this area was chosen to house this ex WW2 German U-Boat, as it was from and to Liverpool, that many convoys were despatched or arrived during that titanic struggle, The Battle of the Atlantic.

I-52 - Japan's Golden Submarine
09 April 2003   (Chronological date: R  sort)

The lure of gold from I-52, has left behind a trail of unpaid bills, and investors who have lost their money.


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Letters - Henry Cansdale (Empire Gold) was my Uncle
15 February 2010   (Chronological date: )

Letters - Patrick C Ryan ex RN 221024, who was a survivor from HMS Culver when it sank in Jan/42
02 October 2010   (Chronological date: )

Letters - Empire Heritage
11 September 2011   (Chronological date: )

11 September 2011   (Chronological date: )

Letters - Charles McKenzie from Aberdeen sailed on the SS New York
08 December 2012   (Chronological date: )

Letters - Atlantic Star
13 January 2013   (Chronological date: )

Letters - Captain William Joseph (Bill) Hartley 1905-1999 The Rescue Ships
12 August 2013   (Chronological date: )

Letters - Flight Lieutenant William Stutt
19 January 2013   (Chronological date: )

Letters - About Convoy UGS-40
27 January 2013   (Chronological date: )

Letters - Survivor of Arctic Convoy, sinking of Fort Cedar Lake
18 March 2013   (Chronological date: )


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