some years ago i worked for a stereo printing plate company in north melbourne. the leading hand had been a pilot of a sunderland flying boat with an all australian crew that patrolled around the bay of biscay during the 1940s hunting german submarines prior to the installation of sophisticated radar systems and 50 calibre machine guns. i have not been able to locate the full story on these aircraft or their crew details.which would fill in a few details of their story,

Terence Hotston


See these two URL's : http://www.ahoy.tk-jk.net/macslog/HMASAustraliatotherescue.html 


for details about Rescuing 9 from a downed Sunderland in the North Atlantic in 1940, and tracing her crew members.

The only source of Sunderland losses and their crews I am aware of is : Royal Air Force Coastal Command Losses of the Second World War, Vol  1 39 - 41 by Ross McNeill. This was his first Volume on this subject.

I have not found the sort of data you are seeking.

I take it that S. R Gibbs, the pilot of the plane's crew we picked up the 9 crew is your Leading Hand from the Sterio Printing Plate Company in North Melbourne.

Nice to hear from you.


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