Uncle, J K Brook, served in ONS 5

I found your website whilst conducting a search for Commodore J K Brook.  
His name appeared in the article "The Battle For Convoy ONS 5. 26th.April - 6th. May 1943
He was my wife's uncle and I am trying to find information regarding his long Naval career. Ken died in the late 1970's leaving a wife and daughter. His wife died in 1992 and his daughter in September this year.
We have been clearing out his old property which was left to his daughter and have found several items relating to his time of service. I know that he was awarded the C.B.E. and D.S.O. but have not found anything regarding these honours.
Thanks for taking the trouble to publish articles on your website. They are very interesting and a reminder of the bravery of all those who fought in two world wars.
If I do find anything of interest I will forward it to you. 
Tony Merritt


Thank you for your message. Your wife's Uncle J. K. Brook listed as The Commodore of Convoy ONS-5 was an Officer in the Royal Navy Reserve. The title of Convoy Commodore does not mean he carried the rank of Commodore in the RNR, he may have been a Captain, or even a Commander. I cannot find any reference to his award of either a CBE or a DSO, this is not to say he did not have those awards, just that I cannot turn up any reference to them.

I will send you in a separate E-Mail, a Guide to searching for personnel records in the Royal Navy which includes the RNR, it will point you to where such records are held, and how to access them.

Thank you for your kind words about AHOY.

Mackenzie. Gregory.

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