From a Liberty Ship signal officer

I have read your article on Liberty ships and other articles. I was a US Navy signalman on three of them during WWII.  Originally I was ashamed to be one, but ended up quite proud.  They were remarkable ships.

Of further interest, as a high school newspaper editor in 1942, just turned 18, I interviewed one of the school's alumni, a navy gunners mate, who was on leave after surviving the sinking of the cruiser Vincennes in the Battle of Savo Island.  I wrote up the article and a few weeks later joined the navy

I congratulate you on such fine site and the excellent readability of you articles.

Rush Webb
Sandusky, Ohio

Dear Rush,

Thank you for your response about my Web site and its articles, I am pleased you were able to enjoy the Liberty Ship piece, they did play an enormous part in our winning WW2.

My friend Terry in Atlanta Georgia, looks after my site and I provide all the content, and we were recently told we make a good team, be that as it may, we both enjoy playing our part in trying to bring to a wider audience some of the happenings of the Naval War at Sea over 1939 - 1945.

Again thank you for your comments, they are appreciated.

Mac. Gregory.

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