Walter Skett sailed aboard British Petrol - pictures

Hello Mac:

In your weblog you have letters regarding Walter Skett: Brother was aboard British Petrol

I am attaching two photos, one of the cross over Walter Skett’s grave, the other of Sanbostel Cemetary where Walter was apparently buried.  Unfortunately, I cannot identify the men in the photos.  These photos were in my Father-in-law’s Log which he kept while a prisoner during WWII.

His Logbook and Photos are reproduced on the following website: 


Gabe Thomas also provided me with the story of Walter’s murder which is included as well. 

Perhaps you could pass these pictures on to the Heath’s. 

Murray Armstrong
London, Ontario Canada

Walter Skett

Walter Skett


Dear Murray,
Thank you for this extra information about Walter Skett, it all helps to fill out the jigsaw that often needs to have pieces added from various kind people around the globe that take time to assist us with a story on AHOY.
I did not keep the Heath's E-Mail address unfortunately, but Terry will no doubt add your information at the appropriate spot, and hopefully the Heaths may visit our site, and get the benefit of your latest message.
I need to keep addresses with greater efficiency.
Canada is one of my favourite countries. For many years I worked with WR GRACE of the US, Australia and Canada, and several times  visited Grace locations in your country. Denise and I have done the Rocky Mountaineer twice, plus the inside passage to Alaska from Vancouver.
Best regards from both the US and Australia.
Mac. Gregory.

Hello Mac:

I managed to track down the Heath’s and have sent them the pictures. I have also spent some time on your site and found it very interesting.


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