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Hello Mac,

Love your website, have spent many enjoyable hours there. The story of Jervis Bay has an Australian twist as she made several trips there before the war carrying immigrants. Her history during the war is brief and fascinating. The modern RAN has a ship by the same name.

Please check out this site for more info, thanks....

Stan Evans, Vancouver, Canada.
HMS Jervis Bay: Jervis Bay - Ross Memorial Park: Heritage Resources Saint John  http://www.saintjohn.nbcc.nb.ca/~JervisBay/jervisbaymon2.htm

Hello Stan,

Nice to hear from you in Vancouver, one of our favourite cities in this world of ours. Thanks for your kind comments about AHOY, it is an amalgam of my friend Terry Kearns, who acts as my web master from Atlanta, Georgia, and whips my research and scribblings into the great site that is up there on the net for whoever cares to log on and have a look. Actually my site had its genesis from Vancouver Island where John who lived there started it all off, when he fell ill and could not continue, Terry came to my rescue.

Your pages on HMS Jervis Bay, are quite outstanding, my congratulations, her fight well worth recording for posterity.

At our Melbourne Missions to Seamen, in their Chapel, is a lovely stained glass window to the memory of that ship and her gallant Captain. There is a piece about it on Ahoy.

Again our thanks for taking the trouble to write, we are appreciative of your comments.

Best wishes from Down Under.
Mac. Gregory.

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