Father served in USS Sapelo in WW2

My father: Burkett Swaford, from: Big Lick, Tennessee was on this ship (Sapelo). Do you know of any way I could find any information about where he was at sea. My father never talked much about it. He was so afraid of fire, we think the ship may have been on fire while he was on the A)-11 USS Sapelo.

I think he was the only marier man on the ship. I would appreciate it if you know any way to get informaiton.

Mary Jane Swafford Whiteaker

Hello Jane,

Thank you for your E-Mail.

I will send you the history of the Sapelo, from the US Navy Historical site, of course the participation of this tanker as part of the famous Convoy ONS 5 was probably her toughest voyage.

If this is not what you are looking for, please come back to me again.

Best regards,
Mac. Gregory.

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