From Radio Officer on the B.P. Tanker British Councillor

Hi Macden.

I was the Radio Officer on the B.P. Tanker British Councillor.  We hit two mines after leaving South Shields at 4.20 pm on February 2nd  1940. Survivors were picked up by the destroyer H.M.S Whitby.

I have often wondered how many of the crew were lost ... was on  a few ships sunk by enemy action during the " big struggle  " all torpedoed, but I can say  this sinking was the most traumatic of all.

Greetings from the land of OZ.

Anthony Cox
(ex - Marconi Marine. 1938......48)

Hello Anthony,

Nice to hear from you, now a fellow Australian since you came here in 1966. I live on St Kilda Road in Melbourne.

Other than in the note in your E-Mail, on the net, I cannot unearth a beep about British Councillor and her
sinking by hitting a mine. I can usually run to ground something about a particular ship, but in this case an absolute blank.

Enjoyed your Hamburg story, particularly having visited that city in the early 60's on a world wide company trip
over three months.

Best regards,

Warrwee.        Sydney.       7.        ix.        04
Hi, again,  Mac. Greg.

Many thanks for your e-mail, yes I was only interested in getting any possible `gen on  that prticular tanker.

I have found  web sites which have covered other ships on which I experienced enemy action....you might like to have a look at....  s.s. Carbreck  torpedoed  N. Atlantic     Feb  1940. by German  U-Boat U.38, m.v.  Daytonian   Friday 13th March 1942  torpedoed off the coast of Florida  by Italian U-Boat.... Enrico  Tazzoli  ( Calvi Class Sub ).  Commander   Fecia  di Cossato ( committed suicide   Aug:  1945 )

Guess you must have  had a look at the Rajula  web site to have checked out the Hamburg  story.  I used to base out in Berlin for 7 days stints at the end of the Berlin Air Lift  flying  all over Germany .  We used to stay in the Atlantic Hotel. Hamburg, on night stops and of course  go down the  Raper Bahn.

Anyway  Mac. Greg, many thanks again...I am a Radio Ham and in daily contact with  the u.k. and elswhere in the world .

Best wishes .    Herb  ( Actually my name is Anthony but use my middle name for Ham Radio and e-mail)


Hello Mac,

Read a letter on your website from an Anthony Cox, 1st R/O who was on the British Councillor when she was lost 2nd February 1940. He was asking for the casualties from the sinking. There were none. I have the list of some 30,000 men named on Tower Hill and those buried around the world who are listed with the CWGC and there is no mention of any of the crew being killed. I even have the names of 1500 chinese crew lost on British Merchant ships and there is no mention of the British Councillor.

Rgds Billy McGee http://www.british-merchant-navy.co.uk


Thanks again for your help, I am continually indebted to you for the information you so freely give me.

Best wishes,

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