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Given all the interest in the sinking of the Passenger Liner Athenia on the day WW2 declared, and the fact that we have recently found some of the lists for her survivors, and those who died, we have decided to consolidate all our references to her on this site, The Athenia Page.

The Saga Of American Freighter City of Flint

An SOS had been read by an empty Norwegian Tanker, Knute Nelson, a luxury steam yacht Southern Cross from Norway, three British Destroyers Escort, Electra, Fame, who were escorting HMS Renown, and finally a United States freighter SS City of Flint. Read the article.
Published 19 May 2013; Updated 19 May 2013

Athenia Survivors from Knute Nelson landed at Galway

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Published 25 November 2012; Updated 23 July 2013

Rhonda Thomas' personal account - "Experiences of an Athenia Survivor"

Athenia artifacts from the Orr family - click to read moreAfter Athenia was sunk on day one of WW2 a great deal was written about the loss and we decided to devote the Athenia Pages to the subject on our AHOY site. The latest addition is an account by Rhonda Thomas of her experiences in that ship on the day of the torpedoing. 

Nothing beats the written personal account of a survivor, and this piece adds to our knowledge and understanding of a momentous event on the very first day of the start of WW2.

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Published 02 March 2012; Updated 02 March 2012

WHO’S  SORRY  NOW? by Liam Nolan

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Published 03 April 2011; Updated 04 November 2011

A Night to Remember by John B. Manbeck

She piqued my interest when she said that she had spent a night in a leaky lifeboat in 1939. Read the article.
Published 01 April 2011; Updated 02 April 2011

New book on Athenia by Cay Rademacher

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Published 05 April 2009; Updated 08 April 2009

Margaret and Elizabeth Orr both survived the sinking of RMS Athenia on Sunday the 3rd. of September 1939. Margo Farnworth's artifacts from her Mother and Grand Mother

Athenia artifacts from the Orr family - click to read moreMargo Farnsworth of Calgary Canada has written to me to indicate that her Mother and Grand Mother, Margaret and Elizabeth Orr had both survived the Athenia sinking. In December 1939, her Grand Father made up a special scrap book for his wife Elizabeth, it is now in Margo's possession, and holds some press reports from both sides of the Atlantic, the plan of the ship's accommodation, three telegrams sent to her family by Elizabeth, a survivor list of passengers and crew members, and a list of those survivors who needed hospitalisation in Glasgow. Read the article.
Published 02 October 2007; Updated 03 October 2007

Survivors from Athenia rescued by Royal Navy destroyers, Escort, Electra and Fame, and landed at Gourock on the Clyde, Scotland

Athenia Survivors - click to read moreOver the years that AHOY has been trying to locate lists of survivors from the Athenia, torpedoed on Sunday the 3rd. of September 1939, the very first day of WW2, we have not found a consolidated list of those survivors rescued by Royal Navy destroyers Escort, Electra and Fame, and landed at Gourock on the Clyde at Scotland. Read the article.
Published 16 June 2007; Updated 06 September 2014

Athenia Manuscript authored by Judith Evelyn

Judith's Manuscript ( tied up with ribbon ) covered her sailing, being sunk, and rescued from the liner Athenia, in the first casualty of the WW2 U-Boat war in the Atlantic. The ship was sunk by U-30 on Sunday the 3rd.of September 1939 the very first day that WW2 had been declared.

93 passengers and 19 crew members died.

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Published 05 December 2006; Updated 14 February 2007

Family of seven, only three survive sinking of Athenia

Family of seven, only three survive sinking of AtheniaWork in progress


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Published 24 November 2006; Updated 01 April 2008

The Athenia Remembered: September 3, 1939-September 3, 2004 by Michael Poirier

Interviews with Athenia survivors - click to read more.Thanks to Michael Poirier who graciously allowed Ahoy to publish interview excerpts from his article, "The Athenia Remembered: September 3, 1939-September 3, 2004 in Voyage magazine, Titanic International Society, Read the article.
Published 29 September 2006; Updated 20 April 2015

First newspaper report about Bernice Jansen being aboard Athenia when it was sunk by German U-Boat U-30, on the 3rd. of September 1939

Bernice Jansen - click to read moreAt this stage it was unknown if Bernice had survived. Its quite wonderful to get these reports from newspapers of that time. I acknowledge with thanks the generosity of Christy Velasco of California in sharing her records with AHOY. Read the article.
Published 24 July 2006; Updated 19 January 2007

Survivors from Athenia picked up by the City of Flint, to be transported to Halifax

This list from the Times of London archives indicates that the majority of these survivors rescued from the Athenia which was torpedoed by German U-Boat U-30, on Sunday the 3rd. of September 1939, were Americans. Read the article.
Published 09 July 2006; Updated 23 August 2012

List of 93 Passengers killed when Athenia was torpedoed by German U-30, on Sunday the 3rd. of September 1939

Athenia was torpedoed by German U-Boat U-30, on the day World War 2 was declared. No doubt the sterile black print of this list of passengers who died when Athenia was torpedoed, masks a number of poignant stories. Read the article.
Published 23 June 2006; Updated 06 July 2006

The British Convoy System in Two World Wars, and winning the Battle of the Atlantic

The British Convoy System in Two World Wars, and winning the Battle of the Atlantic - click to read moreHitler on 9 October, 1939, made this comment, "Used ruthlessly, the Submarine, can today, be an extraordinary threat to Britain."

Churchill said, " Battles might be won or lost, enterprises succeed or miscarry, Territories might be gained or quitted, but, dominating all our power to carry on the war, or even keep ourselves alive, was our mastery of the ocean routes, and free approach and entry to our ports. The only thing that ever frightened me during the war was the U-Boat peril."

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Published 02 February 2006; Updated 01 July 2006

My life on the Internet

(Work in progress) Read the article.
Published 22 February 2004; Updated 08 November 2009

SS Athenia, First Casualty of the U-Boat War on the 3rd. of September 1939

Berlin found out about this attack from news reports, and knowing that U-30 was the only Boat in that area, were soon able to pin this error on her. SS Athenia sinking, First Casualty of the U-Boat War - click to read the articleHitler now wanted a cover up. He did not wish to have another event like the Lusitania affair from WW1 coming back to haunt him, plus Donitz, and his U-Boat arm. Goebells spread the word that it was the British that had themselves torpedoed Athenia, in their attempt to bring the United States quickly into WW2 against Germany Read the article.
Published 29 September 2003; Updated 01 July 2006

The Battle of the Atlantic

This battle ebbed and flowed from the opening day of W.W. 2 The German V-30. only twelve hours after war was declared. sank the" Athenia" off Ireland, with the subsequent loss of life of 120 of its passengers. Read the article.
Published 23 October 2002; Updated 16 June 2007

Letters and other correspondence

Correspondence - Was Mary Rushton a passenger on Athenia?

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Published 25 November 2012; Updated 25 November 2012

Correspondence - Hannah Baird. Voici un article publié dans le Québec Hebdo.

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Published 06 November 2012; Updated 06 September 2014

Correspondence - Florence Barrett - Athenia

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Published 26 October 2012; Updated 26 October 2012

Correspondence - New book: Athenia Torpedoed

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Published 21 October 2012; Updated 21 October 2012

Correspondence - Athenia Survivor Mary McLeod

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Published 14 October 2012; Updated 14 October 2012

Correspondence - Hannah Baird, first Canadian casulaty of WW II

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Published 30 September 2012; Updated 30 September 2012

Correspondence - Great Grand Mother worked on the SS Athenia

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Published 11 August 2012; Updated 11 August 2012

Correspondence - Hannah Baird Information/Sinking of the Athenia

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Published 18 July 2012; Updated 18 July 2012

Correspondence - Athenia menus

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Published 22 April 2012; Updated 22 April 2012

Correspondence -

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Published 22 April 2012; Updated 22 April 2012

Correspondence - "Ruth" Letter; Athenia Survivor

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Published 15 April 2012; Updated 01 April 2012

Correspondence - Athenia survivor, Jessie Graham from Glasgow

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Published 27 November 2011; Updated 27 November 2011

Correspondence - Either Hazel or May Toon survived the sinking of Ahenia

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Published 13 November 2011; Updated 13 November 2011

Correspondence - Story on Barbara Wilson's Athenian ordeal

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Published 03 April 2011; Updated 03 April 2011

Correspondence - Barbara Rodman Wilson, Athenia survivor

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Published 17 March 2011; Updated 17 March 2011

Correspondence - Photo of the Athenia

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Published 29 June 2010; Updated 05 July 2010

Correspondence - Athenia was built in Glasgow

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Published 24 June 2010; Updated 24 June 2010

Correspondence - Request for Athenia Survivor Source List

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Published 24 April 2010; Updated 24 April 2010

Correspondence - Athenia sinking, 1939, survivors

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Published 11 April 2010; Updated 11 April 2010

Correspondence - Survivor of Athenia

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Published 11 November 2009; Updated 11 November 2009

Correspondence - Mrs. Hannah Baird lost in Athenia sinking

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Published 08 November 2009; Updated 06 September 2014

Correspondence - Harriet Barrington killed on the Athenia

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Published 06 November 2009; Updated 06 November 2009

Correspondence - Joan Hecht Lorber, SS Athenia survivor, R.I.P

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Published 20 October 2009; Updated 20 October 2009

Correspondence - Bernice Jansen, missionary on Athenia

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Published 10 October 2009; Updated 12 October 2009

Correspondence - 70th anniversary of the sinking of Athenia

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Published 14 September 2009; Updated 14 September 2009

Correspondence - Martha Goddard, Athenia

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Published 04 September 2009; Updated 04 September 2009

Correspondence - Contacting SS Athenia survivors?

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Published 18 August 2009; Updated 18 August 2009

Correspondence - Spoon with Athenia crest

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Published 14 June 2009; Updated 14 June 2009

Correspondence - George Mcewan survivied sinking of Athenia

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Published 20 May 2009; Updated 20 May 2009

Correspondence - Athenia records for Ms. Davina Curtis

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Published 24 March 2009; Updated 24 March 2009

Correspondence - Lona Marie (nee Attfield) Manning survived sinking of Athenia

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Published 20 February 2009; Updated 20 February 2009

Correspondence - Identification cards from the ship Athenia

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Published 31 January 2009; Updated 17 February 2009

Correspondence - "Eadie" rescued from the Athenia?

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Published 19 January 2009; Updated 19 January 2009

Correspondence - Relieved that you are still with us!!! Thank you to Jayne!

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Published 19 December 2008; Updated 20 December 2008

Correspondence - Barbara Bailey, Athenia survivor

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Published 07 December 2008; Updated 07 December 2008

Correspondence - SS Athenia, Glasgow to Montreal around 1935

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Published 30 October 2008; Updated 05 November 2008

Correspondence - Athenia & Electra's arrival date in Greenock

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Published 09 October 2008; Updated 09 October 2008

Correspondence - Survivors of the Athenia

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Published 04 October 2008; Updated 04 October 2008

Correspondence - David Murray Captain's Steward on Athenia

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Published 21 September 2008; Updated 21 October 2008

Correspondence - Willie Jenkins survived sinking of Athenia

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Published 14 September 2008; Updated 14 September 2008

Correspondence - Tommy McLaughlin served on Athenia

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Published 29 August 2008; Updated 29 August 2008

Correspondence - Linda Dalton survived sinking of Athenia

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Published 03 May 2008; Updated 09 June 2008

Correspondence - Gerald Hutchinson, oldest living survivor of SS Athenia?

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Published 16 December 2007; Updated 20 April 2015

Correspondence - Rose Griffin survived sinking of Athenia

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Published 03 December 2007; Updated 03 December 2007

Correspondence - James A. Goodson survived sinking of Athenia

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Published 30 November 2007; Updated 30 November 2007

Correspondence - Athenia Research, Museum of Transport, Glasgow

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Published 24 October 2007; Updated 24 October 2007

Correspondence - Nickolas Gash, Athenia survivor

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Published 23 October 2007; Updated 23 October 2007

Correspondence - George Sneddon lost on Athenia?

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Published 14 October 2007; Updated 14 October 2007

Correspondence - Elizabeth and Margaret Orr, survivors of Athenia

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Published 29 September 2007; Updated 29 September 2007

Correspondence - John Morrison from Detroit, Mich, Athenia passenger?

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Published 23 September 2007; Updated 23 September 2007

Correspondence - My father is a survivor from the SS Athenia Sep. 3, 1939

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Published 09 September 2007; Updated 06 January 2008

Correspondence - Two ships named Athenia

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Published 26 August 2007; Updated 26 August 2007

Correspondence - Angus Macpherson lost in Athenia?

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Published 18 June 2007; Updated 18 June 2007

Correspondence - Surviving the Athenia

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Published 20 January 2007; Updated 20 January 2007

Correspondence - Edward Belton survived the sinking of Athenia

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Published 26 November 2006; Updated 26 November 2006

Correspondence - Bernice Jansen, passenger on the Athenia

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Published 09 July 2006; Updated 24 July 2006

Correspondence - My father's aunts perished on Athenia

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Published 16 April 2006; Updated 10 February 2007

Correspondence - Athenia passenger list 1927?

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Published 19 January 2006; Updated 01 July 2006

Correspondence - Martha Goddard died on the Athenia in Sept 1939

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Published 24 February 2005; Updated 01 July 2006

Correspondence - Dinner bell from the RSM Athenia dated 1931

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Published 26 November 2004; Updated 01 July 2006

Correspondence - Father sailed as 2nd Officer on SS Eastlea, sunk by U-48

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Published 08 September 2004; Updated 19 November 2012

Correspondence - From passenger on the Volendam

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Published 15 June 2004; Updated 18 June 2007

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A short list of Australian survivors of the Athenia sinking (National Archives of Australia, Prime Minister's Dept. corresp.).

Athenia newspaper articles

Athenia First Casualty of WW2

Merchant Navy WWII--how to get backround info on casualty


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