Thomas Heron who lost his life in HMS Boadicea

Dear Sir,

I am the son of Able seaman C/TD/X 1897 Thomas Heron who lost his life in HMS Boadicea when she sank on the 13th June 1944.

I see from your web site that Mr Erin Harris has informed you that his Grandfather was one of the twelve survivors from HMS Boadicea. (Also see this letter about Boadicea.)

I would like to know the name of his grandfather as I am in possession of copy documents from the admiralty together with statements of the survivors as to the sinking of HMS Boadicea but there is no Mr Harris amongst the 12 survivors listed.

I would be grateful if you could verify this for me.

The last known survivor died on the 21st February 2002 who was Harry Edward Howting Lt RN retired.
I also have in my possession a copy of a document signed by all survivors which was obtained by a friend of my fathers who did survive the sinking.

Yours faithfully.

HMS Boadicea

HMS Boadicea


Thank you for your message, I am away from home, up in Sydney for Xmas, with all my records in Melbourne.

I will try to find Erin's Grand father's name on my return in the New Year, but would love to have a copy of your Survivor's document, fom HMS Boadicea to put up on AHOY please.

Best wishes Christmas and 2005,


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