Was tanker Laurelwood in Convoy ONS 5?

John Middleton, MN ,1940-47.........re above convoy, (Convoy ONS 5) I am almost certain that I was on the Tanker "Laurelwood" in this convoy,could you confirm that "Laurelwood " J. Jacobs of London was in convoy ONS 5 ?. Over the years I have tried to confirm this without success.!!


Hello John,

In response to your message, I can tell you with surety that your Tanker Laurelwood, was not part of the 43 ships that went to make up Convoy ONS 5.

The only oilers or tankers were: The US oiler Argon., The US Navy Tanker USS Sapelo, and the British Tanker British Lady.

The obtaining oil for the escorts was a major problem for ONS 5.

Argon could only refuel ships when they came alongside as she had canvas hoses, and the terrible weather prevented that.

British Lady trailed her refueling hose astern, and it parted in the bad weather, thus a number of escorts including the Escort Commander in Duncan were forced to leave the convoy for St Johns or other ports as they were low on fuel.

No doubt your Laurelwood if present in ONS 5 would have made a welcome addition.

Best regards,
Mac. Gregory.

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