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A google search took me to your weblog and I was interested to read about the British Councillor. I wondered if you could shed any light on a bit of family history. I have a photograph of my great grandfather Allan Cameron (a scot) and on the back it reads - On board British Councillor at Port Suez. I know he served in the Merchant Navy and was sunk a couple of times during the Second World War. Do you have, or know where I could find any further information about this vessel? My father died when I was very young and I am tryng to trace my tree with very little information. Any ideas greatly received.
Jim Cameron

I am afraid any more information about the BP Tanker British Councillor is most elusive, I cannot turn up anything more about her than is already on my AHOY site.

She sailed for British Petroleum in WW2, was a steam tanker of 7,048 Gross tonnage, on leaving South Shields, on the 2nd. of February 1940, ran into a mine, sank, and her survivors were picked up by HMS Whitby, and there were no casualities from that sinking.

It is unusual that I am not able to find anymore about this ship , I am sorry, but I cannot be of much assistance to you Jim.

Kind regards,
Mac. Gregory.

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