Atlantic Star

January 2, 2013

Dear  Mac,

I finally had my uncles medals but what a palaver the seafarers union wanted Charlies next of kin and there lies the problem his brothers are doolally one sister is not interested while the other is, but  she would have to  get a justice of the peace to sign a paper to allow me to claim them so I bought them on line as you see  they are probably the same or slightly different from your own.

My fathers medals are a bit easier as I am  his next of kin more or less the same as above  but he gets the French-German one and possibly the Africa star as he was on his way to  the  far east and was in Gibraltar when VJday  was declared, but I am waiting  for confirmation from the medal people if all else fails I will do the same and
buy them on line.

I wrote to the Uboat net as they said  they did not have a photo of the SS New York but they have not acknowledged it yet.

Happy new year and long may you continue your web site.



Thank you for that.

I have always viewed the Atlantic Star as the best and hardest to qualify for of all the WW2 Campaign Medals.

You need to have first qualified for the 1939-1945 Star, and then have 6 months service in the Atlantic.

With all the German U-Boat activity it was the nastiest bit of water worldwide. 


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