HMS Campbell; Arctic 1942

Hello Mac,

My father served on the destroyer HMS Campbell during WW2. According to the Battle Honours list, (see web site) Campbell served in the Arctic during WW2


Does this mean that she would have participated in the Russian convoys and if she did how can I find out which convoys she took part in.

Patrick Holland.
Perth Western Australia.

Hello Patrick,

I have searched high and low trying to find HMS Camipbell's service in either the Arctic or as an escort to a Russian Convoy, all without success.

I have checked through the Russian Convoy base at http://www.convoyweb.org.uk/ without any reference to the ship.

I have been through these books, to no avail.

Ian Hawkins' " Destroyer, An Anthology of First Hand Accounts of the War at Sea 1939-1945."

Richard Woodman's " Arctic Convoys" in my view the bible for detail of the Arctic Convoy run.

Dan Van der Vat's " The Atlantic Campaign." and his

" War Beneath The Sea. "

If you are aiming to claim an Arctic Emblem for your Father's time in HMS Campbell, may I suggest you copy the ship's Battle Honours which include the Arctic one, attach that with your application and send some evidence of his time in HMS Campbell including 1942 if possible.

In my claim I just sent a book extract indicating HMAS Australia went off to Bear Island in August of 1940, and sent a copy of my Naval service from the Government Roll.

If you cannot find an application form, let me know and I will dig one out for you.

I thought it quite odd I could not document HMS Campbell's time in the Arctic when it is one of her Battle Honours.

Good luck, and best wishes.



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