Position of Ships sunk from Convoy ONS 5?

February 18, 2009 (See "Battle of the Atlantic interview with Cyril Hill for TV Documentary" and "Cyril Hill in British ship Harperly sunk from Convoy ONS 5")

Hi Mac,

Hello again! We have went through with the interview with Cyril Hill and it was quite successful.  We are still charging forward and entering the editing stage and should be finished in the next 4-6 months.

Thank you again for your help in locating Cyril.

I have another question for you, and I hope it does not come as a bother. I am trying to find a map that details the convoy route of ONS 5, as in the actual route taken. I have attached one of SC 107, and if you knew of, or have one that is like it, it would be great to get a hold of. This would not be for public viewing, but solely used as a source.

Many thanks for your time and I hope this email finds you well.

Frank Gairdner


Position of Ships sunk from Convoy ONS 5.

On the afternoon of April 22 1943, convoy ONS 5 headed west out into the Atlantic, it  would steam NW to 61 degrees 45 minutes North, then west almost to Cape Farewell, then turn south southwest to run across the Grand Banks of Newfoundland just west of Flemish Cap, then turning southwest for the east coast of North America.

It gave the greatest possible air cover provided by aircraft based in Iceland.

This is all I could find, and its some time prior to May 1943.

When your project is completed, how can I obtain a copy please?

I would doubt that it would go to air in Australia.

Best wishes,

Map by Gordon Smith, details from Roskill's "The War at Sea"

Thanks Mac!

I will make sure to send you a copy. Please do not hesitate to keep in touch, as well as keep posted on our website, www.creamproductions.ca for release dates.  I am personally really looking forward to it, but we have some time.  We have found some amazing veterans, including Terrance Bulloch of 120 Sqdn, and Reinhard Hardegen of U-123, and we have also, thanks to your site again, interviewed Walter Schmietenknop who has a tremendous story that we will be recreating... amongst many others.

Do you know the source from which you got those co-ordinates?

Many thanks,



Thank you for that offer, my home address is:Mackenzie J. Gregory.

The coordinates are from:

Syrett David. The Defeat of the German U-Boats. The Battle of the Atlantic. University of South Carolina Press. Columbia. 1994. ISBN 0-87249-984-7 Page 65.

Best wishes.

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