Were Lydia Pemberton and Bertha Pemberton Survivors on the Athenia survivor list?

October 30, 2011


I’m not sure where to look for this information.  My mother and my Grandmother were on that ship when it was torpedoed.  My Grandmother’s name was Lydia Pemberton and my mother’s was Bertha Pemberton. They were from Montreal, Quebec, Canada going to England and then coming back.

Is there an actual list somewhere that would have all the names of the passengers? I am trying to get this all done for my Mom to create some sort of scrapbook. If you can help, I would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


There is a list of those who died in the sinking, but I have never been able to find a full passenger list for Athenia.

I will ask my Web Master Terry Kearns by a cc to this message to add your Grandmother's and Mother's names to our survivor list on AHOY "Survivors from Athenia rescued by Royal Navy destroyers, Escort, Electra and Fame, and landed at Gourock on the Clyde, Scotland.".

 Sorry I am unable to really help you.


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