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HM Troopship Plassy

Plassy - click to read moreDuring the Boer War, Plassy was one of around 50 liners that carried over 150,000 troops to the war – an average of 5,500 soldiers per year each. Read the article.

Into The Maelstrom - The Wreck of the Rohilla by Colin Brittain

Into The Maelstrom - The Wreck of the Rohilla = - click to read moreThe angle at which the Rohilla was jammed on the Scar presented her broadside to the waves. Her bow had risen over the edge of the rock forcing the stern lower into the water, the sea constantly washed over the well decks and spray was thrown high above the height of the bridge. Captain Neilson ordered all hands to lifeboat stations but five unfortunate seamen were known to have been washed overboard and drowned as they made their way to posts. With twenty lifeboats there were more than enough places for those on board, provided that the boats could be launched. Read the article.

Amazing pictures of the wreck of Hospital ship Centaur

Amazing pictures of the wreck of Hospital ship Centaur taken from a remote vehicle some 2 kilometres below the surface of the ocean off the Queensland coast.


 Read the article.

More information about Nurses in the Hospital ship Anglia: Mrs. Mitchell, Nurse Walton, Nurse Meldrum, and Nurse Rodwell

Nurse Rodwell - hospital ship Anglia click to read moreIn my article, "Auxiliary Hospital Ship Anglia, mined off Folkestone on the 17th. of November 1915. 127, or 164 Dead," I had reported that only one nurse was on board, this was incorrect, and I am indebted to Hamish Hall from both the US and Canada who has kindly posted me some detail from The Nursing Times of November 17, 1915, Survivor's story of Nurses' Heroism, and In OUR ROLL OF HONOUR from The British Journal of Nursing dated December 11, 1915, Nurse Rodwell ( a relative of Hamish ) is discussed. Read the article.

Extracts from James Dixon's Diary, a WW1 sailor serving in HMAS Australia, flagship of the RAN

James Dixon - click to learn moreWW1 service men and women have died, and with them their stories that helped to shape our nation in its early days after Foundation of the Commonwealth of Australia on January 1st. 1901. I strongly believe that a record such at this one from James deserves to be preserved, hence this attempt to pay tribute to a young RAN sailor who soon found himself and his ship mates serving in the unforgiving North Sea, far from home and family,with the ever dreaded coaling ship always  looming close by. Read the article.

WW1 Hospital ship Gloucster Castle torpedoed, salvaged to serve in WW2, but be sunk by German Armed Merchant Raider Michel

Gloucester Castle torpedoed 30th. March 1915 - click to read moreAlthough well identified as a Hospital ship with her large Red crosses painted on her hull, she was torpedoed on the 30th. of March in 1915 on a trip from Le Havre to Southhampton, luck was with her, and from her 399 passengers on board, only 3 died. She did not sink and was taken in tow, the journey home for repairs taking 2 weeks, and by 1919 she was back in service in a civilian capacity, plying the route to Africa. Read the article.

Wreck of HMHS Rewa, identified by Divers in 2004

HMHS Rewa torpedoed by German Submarine U-55, off the Northern coast of Cornwall on the 4th. of January 1918. Click to read moreThe wreck of Rewa was discovered by divers in September of 2003, lying upright in about 60 metres of water some 33 miles from Newquay off the Northern coast of Cornwall. She had been torpedoed by Wilhelm Werner in his U-55 on the 4th. of January 1918, the ship loaded with cot cases and walking wounded from Greece, and at the fag end of her voyage via Malta bound for Cardiff. Read the article.

Auxiliary Hospital Ship Anglia, mined off Folkestone on the 17th. of November 1915. 127, or 164 Dead

HMS Hazard, who rescued survivors of the British Hospital Ship Anglia - click to read moreHMHS Anglia was yet one more hospital ship in WW1 that was despatched by either an enemy mine or torpedo. Most of these disasters were accompanied by a large loss of life, any service personnel, especially if wounded would have thought, at last I am safe, I am aboard a Hospital ship bearing the immunity of large Red Crosses painted on the ship's side, but it proved not to be. Read the article.

British Hospital Ships, Torpedoed or Mined in WW1

British Hospital Ships, Torpedoed or Mined in WW1 - click to learn more

Over WW1, a number of British Hospital ships were sunk either by means of torpedoes or mines. In the period of 1917/1918, when unrestricted warfare was waged on Allied shipping by the German U-Boat arm, it appeared to be a specific policy to target British Hospital ships for destruction.


 Read the article.

Australian Hospital ship Centaur Torpedoed by Japanese Submarine

The Centaur, sunk by Japanese submarine - click to read the articleTwo days later, at approximately 0410 ( 4.10 AM ) when some 50 miles East North East of Brisbane, Centaur was torpedoed without any warning by Japanese Submarine I-177. The resulting death toll was appaling, only 64 survived from 332 people on board, the worst Merchant Ship tragedy on the Australian coast during WW2. Read the article.

Letters and other correspondence

Grandfather lost his life in WW1 when HMS Louvain p was torpedoed by the German UC22 submarine

Maheno's launch - hospital ship Maheno at Gallipoli

Hospial Ship St David c1917

Walter [Wally] Walker  served in Hospital ship Vita

Picture of the crew of the Hospital Ship Worthing

British Hospital ship with the name Warilda, and torpedoed and sunk on 03-08-1918

Harry (Henry) Cansdale who went down with his ship, the SS Empire Gold

WW1 ship St. David?

WW1 Hospital Ship PLASSY

Not able to find a voyage by Somersetshire from India to UK just before the start of WW2

Sinking of SS Siagon, account by C.L. Wiles, R.A.

George Ebenezer Knight, HS "Anglia" Geoffs Search Engine

George Ebenezer Knight, HS "Anglia" sunk by mine 17/11/1915 & the "Geoff Search Engine"

HMHS Somersetshire, Hospital Ship

HSI Sikkim

SS Ophelia or SS Huntley picture?

Hospital Ship Vita

Surgeon Captain R.G. Anthony was, I think, the senior medical officer on the Vita

HMHS Somersetshire

WW2 Hospital ship Sydney or HMHS Oxfordshire?

Navy Hospital Ship Jerusalemme (sic) - July 1946

Hospital ship HMHS Somersetshire

Hospital Ship St. Patrick, WW1?

Hospital carrier ship St David Nov 1939 and pictures from the Life Magazine Archives

Harold William Chipperton, Royal Artillery, was on the HMAT Warilda when it was torpedoed and sunk on Aug 3 1918

Thomas Murray Macfarlane captain of HMHS Leinster?

Photos of a hospital ship

Reginald Smith was the radiographer in the hospital ship HS Leinster

Headstone of Crawford W Willis Captain of the Hospital Ship Madras 1915-1918

Hospital ship Centaur discovered off Queensland coast

'Yacht' piano allocated to the SS Guildford Castle

Passenger list for HMS Captain Cook left England Feb 5th 1952?

She was then driven to the west of Papua to join the Gerusalemme to sail to Hong Kong.

SS Maheno

John Edward Stanley lost in hospital ship Centaur

SS St. David Hospital Ship

Fannie Olive Durning, served in WWI as a nurse aboard a hospital ships Loyatly and Madras

Searching for WW1 hospital ship

Hospital ship St David sunk on 24th. of January 1944, two days after the Anzio landings 

S S Wilrilda Hospital ship

Hospital ship Letitia repatriated Canadian troops and families

Cdr Henstock, HMS Hermes

Alexander Kerr served in hospital carrier ship St David when she went down

David Murray Captain's Steward on Athenia

David Murray from Glasgow was the Captains steward on Athenia on that eventful night in 1939

Emlyn Williams was an engineer on the Hospital Carrier St David when she was sunk off Anzio and survived

John Philip Gunney of hospital ship HMS Plassy, 1915

Gallipoli Hospital Ship Maheno

Trueman Priestley, a soldier on the Hospital Ship Anglia

German Merchant ship SS Derflinger was captured by the British at Port Said in 1914, and used as a troopship, to be renamed HMT Huntsgreen carried wounded from Gallipoli to Alexandria, and then troops back to Gallipoli

Hospital Ship Vita

Info / pictures of the Gerusalemme taken by William John Fowler who served on the Hospital Ship Gerusalemme as 1st Electrician

Pte Kelty MM, who had lost a leg, & was supposedly torpedoed & rescued from a hospital ship sometime between July & September 1918

HMHS Plassy, a hospital ship based in the Orkneys in WW1

HMHS Gerusalemme

Father was in USS Mugford at Battle of Savo Island

Henry (Harry) Harper in Hospital Ship Leinster

Leading Seamen McGurty who was on the Gloster Castle when it was sunk

Information about Auxiliary Hospital Ship "Anglia for book regarding 59 names on a local World War 1 Memorial in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, UK

WW1 Hospital Ship, "Devanka" actual spelling is "DEVANHA"

George Ebenezer KNIGHT was aboard the H.S."ANGLIA" when it was sunk

Image of UC 5 postcard

Ambulance member who went down with the Centaur

KEITH SYKES of Geelong who was a merchant seaman on the hospital ship Centaur

Looking for a WW1 Hospital Ship, Devanka

Hospital auxiliary Anglia

Parents as Jews escaped Hitler's germany in 1939 on the ship Geruselemme

Father was One of the radio officer's aboard the St David

Trying to find info on the HMHS Gerusalemme

Story of Reg Gill, aboard Leinster

Dad was a crewman on Hospital Ship HS Leinster

On AHOY Forum site.
Hospital Ship Leinster.
Hospital Ships WW1.
The Gerusalemme, Hospital Ship- any photos or other items? 

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