H.M.A.S. Canberra and the Battle of Savo Island


The background for this operation
31 May 2002

The cast involved with Operation "Watch Tower"
31 May 2002

Preparation and our approach to the Solomons
31 May 2002

Composition of Expeditionary Force
31 May 2002

The approach to the invasion area and the landing 7 August
13 December 2003

Savo Fleet night dispositions - 7/8 August
31 May 2002

Mikawa's Progress and Deployment of Allied Naval Forces - 8/9 August
31 May 2002

Fletcher to depart, meeting at Guadalcanal, Middle watch
07 April 2003

We are hit
31 May 2002

Sinking of Canberra
31 May 2002

Hepburn's Conclusions
09 December 2003

01 June 2002

Killed in action and died of wounds, 9th August, 1942
01 June 2002

The battle of Savo Island - 9 August 1942 - map
31 May 2002

Map of the Solomon Island Theater
31 May 2002

Picture of Canberra survivors, from the Melbourne Sun News Pictorial
31 May 2002

The third anniversary service for the Battle of Savo Island
01 April 2004

This article is available from:

The Naval Historical Society of Australia Inc.
at Building 25 Garden Island
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

HMAS Canberra Lost at Savo Island 9 August 1942 as Monograph 119.


Stamps issued by the Solomon Islands for the 50th. anniversary of the Solomon Landings in August of 1942.
One of the stamps depicts HMAS Canberra.


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