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Count Felix von LucknerCount Felix von Luckner known as the Sea Devil, captained Seeadler, a sailing vessel carrying an auxiliary engine, and fitted out as an Armed Merchant Raider in World War 1. He was a dashing character with a great imagination, who fought his enemy both with flair and fairness. He claimed never to have harmed anyone purposely.

On Ahoy, I have covered his wartime activities in my : Marauders of the Sea. German Armed Merchant Ships During World War 1.

Since its publication, the wily Count and his exploits have drawn more comment from people around the world than any other item on our site that I have written about. So much so, that Terry Kearns, my Web Master and myself, have decided to feature these comments on Ahoy. Mac's Web Log as a Main Feature, under the Key word Luckner.

We always welcome both comments and any questions you may care to pose, although we never claim infallability, every endeavour is made to provide an accurate and cogent response.

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Felix Count von Luckner Society - Halle, Germany

Articles and pictures from Mac's Log.

Picture of Felix von Luckner
12 August 2013

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Tid-bits from the book, Cruise of the Sea Eagle, by Blaine Pardoe
12 February 2005

Cruise of the Sea Eagle, by Blaine Pardoe - click to learn moreA few things have been brought to the surface as a result of access to archival resources around the world, adding to what we know about Count von Luckner and the Seeadler. Thanks to declassified US Navy material in the US National Archives, the resources of the New Zealand National Archives, the National Archives of the United Kingdom, the Bundersarchiv/Militararchiv and Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum in Germany, and the Mariner’s Museum in Newport News VA; and a wide range of other sources – we’re finally getting a real and more accurate picture of the events concerning the Seeadler and her epic cruise.

A Brief History of the Ship's Figurehead
10 January 2005

A Seahorse Figurehead - click to learn moreAlthough a modern definition uses terms such as: "A carving, usually a bust or full length figure at a ship's prow." ( The Illustrated Oxford Dictionary ) or: "A sculptured image decorating the stemhead of a ship." ( Encyclopedia Americana ) This type of artform dates back much much further in time.

Figurehead from  Wreck of Seeadler removed by Australian Sailors at Mopelia Island in 1917
30 October 2004

Figurehead of Seeadler - click to read moreA Henry Cooper approached me about his Father who served in HMAS Encounter as an Ordinary Seaman in 1917. This ship searched the wreck of Count Felix Luckner's Seeadler at Mopelia Island in September of 1917.



Bibliography for Count Felix von Luckner
08 March 2004

Marauders of the Sea, German Armed Merchant Raiders During World War I
10 February 2004

This vessel was the only sailing ship to be used as an Armed Merchant Raider, she carried a great deal of mystique that could be owed to her flamboyant Commanding Officer, Felix Graf von Luckner, also known as The Sea Devil. Should you enter into a discussion of this era with anyone with but a passing knowledge of these Raiders, it will always be von Luckner, who is remembered, and spoken about.

Seeadler postcards and von Luckner's signature
10 January 2004

Count Felix von Luckner: Index of Ahoy's articles and correspondence
07 January 2004

Marauders of the Sea, German Armed Merchant Raiders During World War I
13 November 2002

Felix Graf von Luckner, Captain of Seeadler

Marauders of the Sea, German Armed Merchant Raiders During World War I
13 November 2002

A painting of von Luckner's raider Seeadler.

Marauders of the Sea, German Armed Merchant Raiders During World War I
13 November 2002

The 90 ton scow Moa seized by von Luckner off New Zealand.

Marauders of the Sea, German Armed Merchant Raiders During World War I
13 November 2002

The New Zealand cable ship Iris, forced von Luckner to surrender and he was recaptured.

Medal issued by the von Luckner Society to mark his 125th. birthday

Medal issued by the von Luckner Society to mark his 125th. birthday front

Medal issued by the von Luckner Society to mark his 125th. birthday - back
Letters and other correspondence

von please I am writing a monograph
20 April 2015

Count von Luckner during his 1938 visit to Sydney
12 August 2013

Count Felix von Luckner certainly sailed in Pinmore in 1902, Jack Johns sailed on the Pinmore
21 April 2013

Westburn, a British steamship WW1
17 February 2013

Did Felix von Luckner sail on the Yacht by the name of Elva, which was possibly called Independence?
30 September 2012

von Luckner Dagger
30 September 2012

German Raiders of the South Seas by Robin Bromby now on Kindle
02 September 2012

Who painted the picture of Graf von Luckner's WW1 raider the Seeadler?
09 July 2012

Count von Luckner - 5 trees in Israel
21 May 2012

AMRA but bluffed von Luckner into believing that they did in fact carry a gun?
28 April 2012

Grave in Vernier with name of Felix Count Luckner Nikolaus Felix Count of Luckner

13 February 2012

Did Felix Von Luckner sail in the Barque, Pinmore?
25 August 2011

Fate of von Luckner's Mopelia
31 May 2011

Von Luckner in Western Australia?
23 March 2011

Christian August Krohne, told me he sailed with Graf von Luckner
11 January 2011

Sea Devil book by Lowell Thomas signed by von Luckner
06 November 2010

von Luckner: new book and exhibition
24 October 2010

Plans of  von Luckner's Vaterland?
13 October 2010

von Luckner and Capt Isaac Stainthorp, Master of SS Horngarth
26 May 2010

07 April 2010

Commodore Charles Beresford Osborne, von Luckner and Seeadler
02 January 2010

Hospital ship Centaur discovered off Queensland coast
20 December 2009

Prisoner on board the Sea Eagle
18 December 2009

Richard T Harris - Pass of Bermuda
24 August 2009

Photos etc. about this voyage of the Mopelia
24 July 2009

Richard T. Harriss owned the Pass of Bahmaha and leased it to the U.S. government during WWI
24 July 2009

Seeadler pen & ink drawing
23 July 2009

Lowell Thomas and friends and workers went on a Caribbean cruise with von Luckner in 1929
14 February 2009

Seeadler print with an original letter to the captain from Rave and a nice picture of the captain and a woman
03 January 2009

Any lines / plans of Seeadler that would be useful to a modeller?
18 November 2008

Von Luckner was a prisoner of war for a while on Ripapa Island near Lyttelton South Island New Zealand
29 April 2008

Harold Jack Johns crew member for Count Von Luckner?
23 March 2008

Pass of Balmaha, renamed Walter, On December 21, 1916 she sailed as Seeadler under command of Kapitanleutnant Felix von Luckner
27 January 2008

Recording of Count von Luckner's voice?
04 January 2008

Alma Willis aboard a ship pursued by the raider Seeadler in 1915-16?
28 September 2007

Color of Seeadler below the waterline?
02 July 2007

Count von Luckner did not win The Blue Max
16 June 2007

Christopher Rave's Oil painting of Count Felix von Luckner's Seeadler
21 March 2007

Harold Johns, better known as Jack Johns, captured by the Seadler, Count Von Luckner
15 March 2007

"To the Sixth Continent" and Alfred Kling who sailed with von Luckner in Seeadler
03 March 2007

How strong is the interest in Australia and New Zealand for Felix von Luckner's story?
03 March 2007

Granddad served in the "Seeteufel"
03 March 2007

Claims that Felix von Luckner as having spent time as a spy and saboteur?
29 September 2006

Count von Luckner, Seeteufel, and Lowell Thomas
09 July 2006

Project concerning the voyage of the Sea Eagle
16 May 2006

Lieutenant Richard Pries, prize or boarding officer in Seeadler
12 May 2006

von Luckner Photo With Signature
16 April 2006

Names of all the decorations that Von Luckner was awarded?
05 April 2006

Whatever happened to the wreck of the Seeadler?
13 September 2005

Print of the Seeadler, produced from the painting by Chr Rave, who was Christopher Rave ( 1881-1933 )
22 July 2005

Korean web site and Hamburg Cemetary web address
13 June 2005

The Sea Devil's Forecastle, first edition 1929, signed in blue fountain pen "Felix Count Luckner Mar '30".
16 May 2005

The Sea Devil by Lowell Thomas
25 April 2005

Felix von Luckner visited Snapper Island in 1938
28 March 2005

Count Felix Von Luckner / Paul H. Hoeft
17 March 2005

British Admiralty's Search for the Seeadler
27 February 2005

von Luckner did not win a Pour le Merite
27 February 2005

Count von Luckner inscribed the attached photo for Carl Wriedt
27 January 2005

Picture of the Seaadler with incription
31 December 2004

Photograph of von Luckner
17 October 2004

Where is the gravesite of Count Felix Graf Luckner?
07 September 2004

Brent is interested in Count Felix von Luckner
07 September 2004

Did Count von Luckner of WW I fame have a naval command in WW II?
19 July 2004

von Luckner post war
03 July 2004

Father, Colin Moore, was aboard Seeteufel in 1938, are there any pictures?
21 June 2004

Grandfather hosted Count Von Luckner in Hawera, New Zealand in 1938
25 May 2004

Blaine Pardoe is researching Count Felix Von Luckner's 1938 tour for a book
11 May 2004

After the wars end I was assigned to guard Count Felix Von Luckner & Countess Von Luckner
17 April 2004

Forum: Ventures and Voyages on the Seven Seas Shipwrecks, Scuba Diving, Maritime History, Nautical , Sailing, Naval Topics and Ocean Mysteries
14 March 2004

Did Count von Luckner embrace the Nazi party?
08 March 2004

Framed print incribed with Graf Luckner's signature
08 March 2004

Is there an organization dedicated to von Luckner?
28 February 2004

Market for von Luckner memorabilia?
27 February 2004

Picture of the Seeadler signed by von Luckner and 1980 article about the sinking of Seeadler
20 February 2004

Question about Seeadler from Russia
17 February 2004

Plan to have a Memorial to Count Felix von Luckner in Germany
13 February 2004

Photo of von Luckner sent by Joel Belsky
07 February 2004

Pass of Bahmaha became Seeadler
29 January 2004

Did Felix von Luckner have children?
21 January 2004

Book enscribed by the Count von Luckner to my fathers' aunt's sister
11 January 2004

Niobe, Luckner's first ship
05 January 2004

M. Pemberton, and alias for von Luckner?
03 January 2004

Paul H. Hoeft and von Luckner pictures
25 September 2003

USS Indianpolis, FRUMEL. and von Luckner / Seeadler
12 September 2003

Gary Williams, admirer of Count Von Luckner
01 September 2003

Painting of Seeadler with von Luckner's writing
22 August 2003

Count Felix von Luckner's escape in New Zealand
16 August 2003

Count Felix von Luckner's early years and some pictures
14 July 2003

Model of the Seeadler and Mr. William Heckler who had sailed with Luckner aboard the Vaterland
29 June 2003

von Luckner photograph and inscription
08 June 2003

Count Felix von Luckner and Douglas Stewart, who was a DC in the Fijis in 1917
18 May 2003

Count Felix von Luckner. Born 9 June 1881 - died 1966. He is buried in the Ohlsdorfer Cemetery at Hamburg Germany. Here is a photograph of his gravesite.
Grave of Count Felix von Luckner


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