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So that our readers who may be interested in articles on AHOY that covered a number of actions in WW2, and were prefaced by the term " Operations" in their title, and to make it simpler to access them, we have decided to consolidate this group under the heading: OPERATIONS PAGES, in the index on the left hand side of our Home Page.


- Operation Deadlight, the scuttling of German U-Boats that were captured by the Allies after WW2
Published 07 August 2004; Updated 29 September 2011  

Operation Deadlight - click to read the articleIn 2001, the submarine hunter Innes McCartney, led Phase 1 of the Operation Deadlight Expedition which was the first time that technical Divers had surveyed and identified the wrecks of these German U-Boats, that had been scuttled by the Allies in waters off Northern Ireland and Scotland. Some 54 Submarines lie in deep water that with today's diving equipment are very reachable.

- Operation Drumbeat, a German plan that sent five U-boat submarines to the East Coast of the United States to attack merchant ships during 1942
Published 27 May 2004; Updated 29 September 2006  

Kptlt Reinhard Hardgen, the most successful U-Boat commander in Operation Drumbeat - click to read the articleWith the German declaration of war against the US, all restrictions on German U-Boats attacking American shipping were removed. Admiral Donitz in charge of the U-Boat arm, was anxious to prepare a concentrated attack on United States shipping operating up and down the domestic American East Coast.


- Dutch Submarine Operations. WW2, 1941-1945
Published 25 April 2003; Updated 30 September 2006  

Dutch Submarine aground on Ladd Reef click picture to read the articleI am indebted to the many contributers and co-webmasters of this site: The Submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy. for the source material from which I have produced this work.

- Pictures for Operation Downfall
Published 14 December 2002; Updated 30 September 2006  

- Operation Downfall, The Planned Invasion of Japan on November 1st. 1945
Published 14 December 2002; Updated 29 September 2006  

Click to "Operartion Downfall" articleHidden in the US National Archives for many years were the Top Secret documents that related to the Plans for Operation Downfall, the Invasion of Japan, scheduled to take place on November 1st. 1945. The United States had finalised this operation over the American spring and summer of that year. These documents, now declassified, allow us to contemplate the horrific task, that in the main, US forces would have faced when attempting to invade the Japanese homeland.

The cast involved with Operation "Watch Tower" - H.M.A.S. Canberra and the Battle of Savo Island
Published 31 May 2002; Updated 30 September 2006  

- "Operation Menace." September 23, 24, 25, 1940. HMAS Australia and the debacle at Dakar with General Charles de Gaulle
Published 01 May 2002; Updated 30 September 2006  

This operation must be judged a complete failure on our part, a battleship badly damaged and put out of action for a considerable time when every Fleet unit was desperately needed to support the Naval war, and the strong possibility of a German invasion of England. Three cruisers and one destroyer all hit by enemy shells, plus Fleet Airarm and our Walrus aircraft shot down.

Letters and other correspondence

Operation Mincemeat, Dasher, Major William Martins Headstone
Published 31 January 2005; Updated 29 September 2006

Operation Downfall
Published 18 January 2005; Updated 29 September 2006

Operation Jaywick at Singapore Harbour
Published 06 January 2005; Updated 29 September 2006

Permission to use picture for article on Operation Deadlight
Published 07 August 2004; Updated 30 September 2006

Operation Hannibal, Wilhelm Gustloff and the Cap Arcona
Published 23 June 2003; Updated 04 March 2007


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