HM Troopship Plassy

Postcard 199 – HM Troopship Plassy

HM Troopship Plassy was built by Caird of Greenock (Yard 296), for P&O and launched on the 23rd of November 1900, she entered service on the 29th of January the following year with her maiden voyage to Shanghai. She was one of three ships built by the line specifically for trooping duties and one of the notable design features were that the decks were wide and clear of obstacles to allow for parades.

During the Boer War, Plassy was one of around 50 liners that carried over 150,000 troops to the war – an average of 5,500 soldiers per year each. After the Boer War, the Plassy returned to the India run.

Serious damage was caused in a collision with the steamer Masterful on the 25th of September 1906 whilst berthed at Southampton.

Converted to a hospital ship early in the Great War and during the Battle of Jutland she collected the wounded from the battle cruisers Lion and Princess Royal.

Sold in 1924 the ship was sold for scrap and dismantled in Genoa in 1924.

Technical bits – displacement – 7,405 tons Length – 450ft Speed 16 knots  Passenger accommodation - 200

A John Adams of Southampton postcard – postage 1/2d inland 1d “foreign”


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