Marine Phoenix I too sailed on her in C May 1947 from Sydney to San Francisco

Dear Terry,

I read with interest in Ahoy-Mac's Web Log of persons who sailed on board the USNS (in my time) Marine Phoenix. I too sailed on her in C May 1947 from Sydney to San Francisco. I was 6 at the time and my mother, having divorced my father had re-married an American soldier. She was then, what was termed a war bride.

I remember little about the ship per se but can remember some aspects of the voyage. Our first port of call was Wellington where we dis embarked and my mother bought me a wooden toy train at Woolworth's or equivalent. We also stopped in Fiji, but did not leave the ship. I remember seeing Fijian policemen with there 'big' hair and serrated hem skirts. At Pago Pago I recollect that Samoans threw oranges on board for the passengers to catch. I have no idea how they were recompensed for the fruit.

The last vision I have was that of sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge, we were saved the famous fog. My mother and I then journey on to New York City where I was to spend the rest of my childhood and early adult hood.

Incidentally, there were about 15,000 Australian war brides in the U.S. by the end of the war. All the Way to the USA by Robyn  Arrowsmith  is well worth reading on the topic.

I hope this is of some interest to you and Mac's Web

Charles Cazabon


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