Mac Was My Inspiration - Bruce M. Petty New Zealand

I met Mac in Melbourne over ten years ago on my way to New Zealand, where I now live.

Even before I met Mac I interviewed him long distance for a book I was writing about naval officers in the Pacific War. The book is titled, At War in The Pacific, and as a result of that interview I made up my mind that if ever I had the chance I would write a book about what I came to call Our Forgotten Allies in The Pacific War.

As fate dictated, I ended up moving to New Zealand in 2004; but instead of writing a book about Australia's role in the Pacific War, I ended up writing one about New Zealand in the Pacific War, but Mac was my inspiration. However, my publisher didn't like my title, which I wanted to be, New Zealand: One of Our Forgotten Allies in The Pacific War. Instead, it was titled, New Zealand in The Pacific War: Personnel Accounts of World War II. I still think my title was better.

I'm sure glad I had a chance to know Mac. There aren't too many like him around.

Bruce M. Petty--

New Zealand


Mac's Library December 2003 with Bruce

Mac in Mac's Library, December 2003 with Bruce Petty
(picture taken by Peter Flahavin)


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