Figurehead from  Wreck of Seeadler removed by Australian Sailors at Mopelia Island in 1917

This morning, the HMAS Sydney 11 Photographic and Artifacts Exhibition mounted by The Naval Historical Society of Australia, and the HMAS Sydney Association, was opened at the Shrine of Remembrance Melbourne.

Figurehead of Seeadler

The figurehead from Seeadler cut off by Ordinary Seaman Herbert Cooper and Shipwright Scott
from HMAS Encounter at Mopelia Island in September 1917.
Now held at the Australian War Memorial Canberra.

A Henry Cooper approached me about his Father who served in HMAS Encounter as an Ordinary Seaman in 1917. This ship searched the wreck of Count Felix Luckner's Seeadler at Mopelia Island in September of 1917.  
Henry told me that his father Herbert Cooper together with Albert Scott ( a shipwright who had transferred to the RAN from the Royal Navy ) cut the figurehead from Seeadler, and stowed it aboard Encounter, on their return to Sydney they were not able to get the figurehead ashore, and it was found whilst the ship was in port.
When the first Museum was opened in the Exhibition building in Sydney at Exhibition Park near Sydney's Central Railway Station, this Figurehead was a 6 to 8 foot tall display. When the Australian War Memorial was opened in Canberra, the Seeadler figurehead was then transferred there.

I am amazed that yet another piece of the Luckner jig saw is added to our knowledge, and had no idea my own country was so involved with the
Count's wrecked ship.
I found another Photo of the Count and Countess arriving at Spencer Street Station here in Melbourne in July 1938, he was on a lecture tour at that time. And so it goes on and on, truly remarkable.

Count and Countess von Luckner

The Count Felix von Luckner and the Countess arrive at Spencer Street Station Melbourne in July 1938.
The Count was visiting Australia as part of his world travels and lecture tour.


Shrine of Remembrance, City of Melbourne

Shrine of Remembrance, it is set in lovely parklands and dominates the area in which it is set.
From its front stairs a great view of the City of Melbourne stretches away in the distance.


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