Photos from Graeme Dodds whose Grandfather was in Voltaire

These photos came to me from Graeme Dodds whose Grandfather was in Voltaire.

The first one is a funeral party at sea, the other three in the POW Camp in Germany.

Voltaire funeral at sea

Voltaire prison camp
Jim Reilly is the young man 2nd from right in the centre row

Voltaire prison camp

Voltaire prison camp

April 5, 2011


I was perusing your site and discovered that I have a photo of the funeral ( top pic on site below) Graeme Dodd's grandfather and my dad Alber Baker must have sailed on the Voltaire at the same time.

I have four pics of the service. One is like Graeme's only from a slightly different angle. One of mine actually shows the body going over the side. If you can give me Graeme's email I'd love to discuss this discovery with him.

Alan Baker
Kanata, Canada
"Photos from Graeme Dodds whose Grandfather was in Voltaire"

Hello Alan,

Thank you for your mail.

I have asked Graeme to contact you directly.

If you send me a copy of your photos we will add them to our Volitaire Pages on AHOY, so that a wider audience may benefit from them.

With best wishes,


A few more photos,some of that funeral at sea.
Alan Baker

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