Grandfather, Robert Lawson, served in the Voltaire


Interested to see the e-mail from Roderick Reilly. My grandfather also served on the Voltaire and came from Dundee, his name was Robert Lawson. He knew Jimmy Reilly as did my mother, interested in the book that Jimmy wrote as detailed info of the Voltaire crew throughout the war is a little thin. Bought "Sailors in cages" for my mother didn't get much of a chance of reading it before I gave it to her. If Roderick would be willing to share any info he has I would be delighted.

Many Thanks,
Graeme Dodds.

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My thanks for your Voltaire message, I am suprised at the response I have had about this ship since I first wrote about her battle and sinking by Thor.

I regret that I do not still have Roderick's E-Mail address, I get such a lot of mail, I have been in the habit of culling my Address Book fom time to time, and his address suffered that fate. In future I will be more careful in what I discard.
With all the interest in this subject, we are about to consolidate all the Voltaire messages in one section on AHOY, starting in order in which they were received. This will allow anyone interested to start at the beginning of this correspondence, and follow it through to the latest message we have received.

Thank you for your input, and I apologise for not being able to put you in touch with Roderick.

Best regards,

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