67 years since HMAS Canberra was sunk with the loss of 84

As the years stumble by, today, August 9, 2009 is the 67th. anniversary of the sinking of the RAN heavy cruiser HMAS Canberra.

That fateful night 84 crew members died and over 1,000 United States Navy personnel were also killed.

As the ranks of Canberra survivors thin each year, nonetheless, we all recall with sadness those shipmates who that night paid the price for freedom.

With the passing of the years those thoughts do not diminish our sense of loss, and we think of loved ones whose husbands, lovers, sons, brothers did not survive the Battle of Savo Island.


See "H.M.A.S. Canberra and the Battle of Savo Island"



Canberra sinking

Canberra sinks with Savo Island in the background

Illustration of Canberra at sea prior to Savo."

Illustration of Canberra at sea prior to Savo.

Killed in action and died of wounds, 9th August, 1942, H.M.A.S. Canberra and the Battle of Savo Island

ALLEN Arthur William

ANDERSON George Edward

ASHER William Westley

BOWRON Lawrence Herbert

BOYLE Redmond Thomas

BROOKS William George

BULMER Clyde Mathew

BURK Royce Eugene

CALLAGHAN Godferey Frederick

CHAPMAN Geoffrey

CLEAVES John Isaac

COATES Stanley

CONNORS Alfred James

CROFT Joseph

DANIELS James MacDonald

DOGGETT Robert George

DONAVAN Kevin John

DYKE William Douglas


ELLIOTT Thomas Kendall

EVANS Richard Percy


FOULKES John Walton

FRYIRS James Henry

GASTON John Hough

GETTING Frank Edmond

GREEN Aubrey Leslie

HAINING James Arthur

HALL Harold Edward

HAMILTON George Ernest

HARRIS James Colman


HASSALL Gordon Albert

HUTCHINSON Raymond Arthur

HAZELTON Douglas Urenfell

HOLE Donald Maxwell

IRELAND William Jghn

JONES George

JONES Robert William

JOYCE Edmond Victor

KEATS Horace Russell

KIDD Jamcs Arthur

LULHAM Alfred Norman

MANNERS William Campbell

MARTIN Leonard George

MILLER Reginald George

MORROW William Henry




McDONALD Walter James

McELHENNY Robert Ernmett


Mr.KENZIE Donald Charles

McPHERSON Ronald Clivc

O'DONNLLL Thom4a Aubrcy

OLIVER Rex Robert Dare

O'ROURKE Cecil Thomas

PHILLIPS Geoffrey Belfield

PITCHER Ronald Alfred

ROBERTS Kenneth Graham

ROBERTSON Gordon lack

ROSS Wedlace Montrose

ROWLEY John Hobart

SALAMON Frank Robcrt

SEYMOUR Leslie James

SIMMONDS Bernard Whitney

SHEPPARD Henry Bwart

SLOSS Vivian Percy

SMITH Allan Norman

SMITH Charles Sidncy

SMITH Robert Lawson

STAFFORD Malcolm DeEsphire


TH0MAS James Frederick

THOMPSON Leslie George

THURLOW William James

TILLING Harold James


WARREN Herman Gordon

WILKINSON Herbert Sidney Roy

WINTER Robert Edward

WITT Harold Theodore

YONGE Brabazon Duke

H.M.A.S. CANBERRA true position as located by Dr, Ballard Team 28 July 1992:

09 degrees 12 minutes 29 seconds south

159 degrees 54 minutes 46 seconds east

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