The Royal Charter and a visit to Moelfre, Angelesy

June 17, 2009

Subject: Hello from Josh buch

Hi Mac,

How are you?

Well we did not communicate for a while.

How are you? Your website is as amazing as ever, just a wonderful site. I just came back from a second visit to .

My wife Debbie and I and her brother Tom Fay and his wife Cathy visited Moelfre and the site of the Royal Charter wreck. We obviously visited the Church were we put the memorial stone for Manus Maurice Boyle about five years ago.

I gave the people there a copy of the passengers' list that you found (I believe at the national archive) and they were amazed. They never saw this original passengers' list and would like very much to have more information.

Can you help me please?

Where exactly is this list (You told me it is on microfilm)?

Also, I believe the gentleman from New Zeland (I misplaced his name) also had a list. Would you have his name and e mail address?

By the way, while we were at the church they were filming there a documentary on the Royal Charter since in October it will be the 150th anniversary of the disaster and they plan some big events around that date. So they interview my wife and her brother: an amazing coincidence that we were there at the time of the filming.

Many thanks and continue with your amazing work.

take care
josh buch


Nice to hear from you, I am fine, and still very busy with AHOY.

The records about the Royal Charter are on microfiche at the National Archives in Melbourne.

Bill from New Zealand did not give me his surname and I have no way of contacting him.

See this URL: http://www.old-merseytimes.co.uk/ROYALCHARTER.html for a great deal of detail about Royal Charter and her passengers and crew.

Glad you all enjoyed your latest visit to Anglesey.

Best wishes.

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