Seaman William Seal of S.S. Otaki

November 30, 2008

Hello Mac,

I read with interest your article about the Otaki. My grandfather was on the ship and was rescued. The men who survived was sent to POW in Brandenburg Germany. On his return to the UK, my granddad received some kind of award from the NZ shipping co.which was detailed in a letter (not sure what the award was), and a letter from the king. These and a picture of the ship I still have.

He was lucky in the sense that he went on to die of old age in the early 1950's.

Thanks very much for filling in so much detail of the sinking itself.

Kind regards
Mark Seal
Grandson of seaman William Seal


May we have a copy of the award letter and also the one from the King? and they will be added to the URL about Otaki, to reach a wider audience.

Thank you for your mail, it is the second one about the same ship within 24 hours, coincidence!!


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