Rescue in the Night - Saturday Evening Post July 17, 1943

June 08, 2009

Hi Mac,

My name is John Parker. I'm a retired U.S. Submarine Veteran and had the honor of being stationed at the Naval Communications Station, Exmouth, Western Australia back in the late 1970's.

I collect items about submarines in W.W. II and I'm preparing for a move to Hawaii.

As I was going through my submarine items, I came across the magazine mentioned above. It's fully intact. It has a story written by Maxwell Hawkins that describes the daring rescue of the USS SeaRaven. Although, the submarines name is never mentioned due to security reasons, it gives the name of some of the crew members. The commanding officer and a Chief Quartermaster, Leonard Markeson.

I was curious about what submarine was involved, did a search for the commanding officer's name and your web site came up.

If you are interested in obtaining this magazine, I would be willing to let it go. You pay for shipping and it's yours.

If you like, I can send a photo.


John Parker, RCMS(SS) USN (Ret)


Thank you for your kind offer, but I am not really interested in the Magazine.

Best wishes with your move.


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