Reginald Douglas Stevenson HMS Boadicia

October 27, 2012

Hi Mac,

Following on from my letter to you in January 2011 regarding my Uncle Reginald Douglas Stevenson, (see "Reginald Douglas Stevenson and Cecil C.Baines both lost with HMS. BOADICIA on the 13/6/1944") I have since then been to Portland, Dorset and had a wreath laid over the wreck site, found and paid my respects at the Common Wealth Cemetery on the Island where 3 of the crew were laid to rest and managed to contact and have an interesting conversation with John Hawkins, the son of the Captain of Boadicia, who has invited me at some time to visit him and see his collection on the Boadicia.

Unfortunatley I was too late to join him and other relatives when they went out with a diving boat on this years anniversary of the sinking, and had a plaque secured to the wreck (there is a video of the dive on  U tube) However I hope to join John on the next anniversary if he repeats the trip.I also told him of your great site and hope he may also contact you in the future.

I felt I would just tell you all this as without people like you putting so much information and time into remembering all those young men and women who sacrificed so much for the generations who followed, amateur researchers like myself would find it so much harder to know where to start!

So a big thank you for all your work and commitment, it really is appreciated,

With very best wishes
Peter Stevenson,
West Sussex, England

Thank you for your kind words about AHOY.

Both my web master Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia and myself enjoy the work we do,

And if we can assist people to learn about relatives who were involved in WW2 it gives 8us both a good deal of satisfaction.

Best wishes,

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