Picture taken from an airplane of Pearl Harbor on 7th of December 1941

11 July 2011

Good  afternoon. My name is Kathy Powell. My husband passed away in July of 2007. He had a picture taken from an airplane of Pearl Harbor on 7th of December 1941. The time was approx 0800 hours. 

The picture was taken by Japanese Squadron Leader of the first wave to attack the ships present. (all ships are marked by name in the picture). It states it is the property of Bill Stutts. U.S.S. Blue survivor. It also says the picture was found 8th of November 1945 in the Yokasuka Navel Facilities south of Tokyo, Japan. 

The picture measures 24x20. Can you help me to know what would be best to do with this picture.

You can e-mail me at I live in Nevada.  Thank you for your time.


Thank you for your very interesting E- Mail.

There are a number of coincidences,

1, USS Blue was caught at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked, but managed to escape. She was a Bagley Class destroyer. Here are her details:

USS Blue (DD-387) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Blue was sunk herself on August 22 1942, a bare fortnight after rescuing over 300 from Canberra's crew.
1. Blue was trapped at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked, but managed to escape. 

2, Blue rescued me from the deck of the burning and sinking Canberra on August 9 1942 after the Battle of Savo Island.

3, The Sergeant pilot of an Australian Hudson aircraft who first sighted the approaching Japanese Naval force prior to Savo was named Bill Stutt, who alas is no longer alive.

4. If you can reduce the size of this historic photograph, and could scan it  I would dearly love a copy to put up on our AHOY website.


I suggest you E Mail the USS Missouri Memorial Association in Hawaii, to offer them this photo to display aboard this battleship, now moored alongside at Ford Island.

Thousands of visitors pay her a visit each year.
You are no doubt aware it was on her deck that the Japanese signed their surrender in Tokyo Bay on September 2 1945.
I was there in the heavy cruiser HMAS Shropshire

Denise and I were invited to be onboard Missouri for the 60th. Anniversary of the signing of the surrender, and we went for that very moving ceremony.

I apologise for my verbosity.

Lovely to hear from you.

Best regards.

12 July 2011
Thank you for your time, interest and information re grading this picture. I can not seem to get the email for this USSMMA. I have tried with the information you gave me. I can send the picture to you for you to see and
send it off to Hawaii if you would like to do this.

Or....can I get the email for USSMMA? I can then contact them.

Thank you very much. I would love to have this picture get in the correct hands and your help is so

God Bless,
Kathy Powell

13  July 2011


I would like to see the photo please and then I will get it off to the USS Missouri Association at Pearl.
Best wishes,

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