New pictures of Len Hiller and others who served on the Voltaire

January 20, 2009

See "Len Hiller served on the Voltaire and became a POW"

Linking old photos, thanks to your website.

Hello Mac,

I hope you health is continuing to improve and the hot weather is not having too much of an effect on you.

Referring to a letter and a photo on your website:

** "W C Middleton sailed in Voltaire" published 13/03/2005.

I have discovered another photo of my Uncle Len (also referred to in the Voltaire section of your website)  and some shipmates, on the back of the photo it shows:

Roper, Len Hiller, W C Middleton, Signalmen - June 1940

 " Signalmen" June 1940 - Roper, Hiller and Middleton. Copies attached.

Roper, Len Hiller, W C Middleton, Signalmen - June 1940

This is the same man as is shown in the letter referred to above **.  W C Middleton is also shown in the 3rd photo under the letter referring to Len Hiller and I strongly suspect he may well be the sailor on the right in the first photo.  The other being Len Hiller and Reg Willett,   centre.  Reg's daughter contacted me several months ago after seeing this photo (while researching her fathers Naval service on your website) , she also has a copy of this photo found in her Dad's possessions and has since forwarded on copies of letters written by my Uncle, from the German POW camp to her father in England. 

If you have an email address for the writer of the letter ** please feel free to pass on my email address and I will happily send copies of these photos to him. 

Your website is proving to quite amazing.  Congratulations.

Kind regards
Jackie Welsh


I am still battling the effects of taking steroids and how they play up with my blood/sugar readings for my diabetes.

They will finish on Friday next and the then 64 $ question will be if my spleen makes enough platelets, and I retain them, rather than having to rely on the steroids to build them up.

But I am coping with the ups and downs, and need to apply strict discipline as to when I inject insulin 5 times daily, but knowing the ill effects of not doing so keeps on track.

Thank you for the news about the photos on AHOY, and the two new ( old ) ones.

I am pleased that the Voltaire Pages are proving useful.

Thank you for all your interest, and your good wishes.

Best regards,

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