W C Middleton sailed in Voltaire

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Its done it again, the pic of my uncle started out about two thirds the height of my monitor screen, looking at it after sending it has gone about twice the size of my screen,  this trouble started after I purchased a Kodak digital camera , when the software got installed it took over every thing else on the computer  and sems to have a mind of its own, so sorry about the 4 mins plus download at your end, im sure you can reduce it somehow or other.  On the back of the picture I have is written the following forces mail address.....J54673 Sig.WC Middleton,  No.8 Mess, HMS Voltaire,  C/O GPO London.   I guess that he was a signalman not chief coxswain as suggested by a relative.  My sister in aussie land who sent me the picture stayed with his wife for two weeks around 1943  while he was a pow  but never saw him after he returned.  He was, she reckons, one of the first Fleet Reserves to be called up for duty.

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W C Middleton sailed in Voltaire

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