Moresby: John and Fairfax

September 8, 2012

Dear Mac,

Again another relative of Fairfax here. 4th Great grandchild. I have read all the posts on your blog and I would love to make contact with as many of the family as possible. Interesting to note that Geoffrey
Philip Russell is my Gt Grandfather, the grandfather of this lady who has written to you:

She is also a long lost cousin of my father's as her mother married a German during the war to which my family disowned her (sad). My Grand father David Norreys Russell re-married and my grandmother sadly passed away last year at the age of 91. It would be good to make contact again and re-establish ties. Please offer my contact details to all family members and connections who have entered on your blog -

Thank you.

Having had my own Naval career I am in the process of trying now to buy back artwork lost to the world of Fairfax. Maybe you could help me with this and point me in the right direction? My father has a miniature of fairfax and in it is a lock of Nelson's hair!

Kind Regards
Philip Grant Norreys Russell
Philip Russell


This E-Mail is self evident. Would you please care to respond to Philip directly?

Best regards,



All very interesting, thank you.

I have asked Caroline to E-Mail you using the address I have for her.

I cannot uncover any artwork from the Fairfax family.



31 December 2012

Hi Mac,

Happy Christmas to you. I was wondering if you could put me in touch with Peter Gardiner as I am making progress with Moresby and would like to make contact with him.

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