Admiral Sir Fairfax Moresby

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you as I am interested in my family history. My mother (Frances Prudence Edith Rosemary Barth  n'ee Russell, (my mother married in the name of Gold for political reasons at the time just after the 2nd World War, later used the name of von Barth) recently died on the 7th April 2008 and we (the family) have some  papers concerning our family connection with Admiral Sir Fairfax-Moresby, my maternal Gt Gt Grandfather through Edith Morseby b- abt 1865 Devonport Devon England and married S B Hinshelwood Royal Navy, my Maternal Gt Grandfather whose first daughter, Noel Theorda Hinshelwood  born 1892 Ascension Island, my Grandmother, married Lt Geoffary Phillip Russell RN in Malta 1911.

I have some interesting photos and some history. You may like to add the above info to your web site.

(I am my mother's third daughter .)

If interested please reply to e-mail:     caroline.merlin@btinternet.com


Nice to hear from you, I would be pleased to receive anything you care to share with me for AHOY, history and photos.

Admiral Sir Fairfax Moresby played a part in the history of the region close to my country, and I am always interested in any further information I can obtain.


Hi, Mac,

Many thanks for your reply e-mail re: decedents of Admiral Sir Fairfax Moresby,
In fact, I have left out one generation in error, that is Admiral John Moresby son of Sir Fairfax Moresby, Edith Moresby being John's daughter, so Admiral Sir Fax' Moresby will be my Gt, Gt ,Gt Grandfather. (triple)

Geoffrey Phillip Russell
Geoffrey Phillip Russell

You may know more than I do, I have downloaded the pages from your website  (computers are wonderful)
and I find it most interesting.  I will digress to my maternal Grandfather as it is interesting that the Royal Navy history has carried on;  my mothers farther , Geoffrey Phillip Russell, joined the navy as a midshipman and served on destroyers in the first world war, (Jutland) he knew Vice-Admiral Beatty. (also of course, he would have known Admiral John Moresby.)  He also served on minesweepers-North Atlantic, second world war, and retired as a Captian RN. indecently, my brother in law William Hocking also chose  his career as a naval officer and lives in Pullbrough, West Sussex. I note in your web pages a letter from a one Richard Downer! might be interested?

I have access to a photo of Moresby Hall, and maybe other info'I will scan it over to you as soon as I can get a copy. I live in Henley in Arden Warwickshire UK  and I will have to go to West Sussex UK 

As I would think all the history concerning Admiral Fairfax Moresby himself will be documented, and information I could supply would be about my family as decedents, but one never knows what turns up when researching family history.   I am scanning a picture of Lt Comander (as he was then) Geoffery Phillip Russell, becauce he knew Admiral John Moresby, and also a copy of my grandfather and grandmother's marrage certificate which shews the conection to T N Hinshalwood  Edith Moresby's daughter, the paper will be in two scans as it's longer than the scanner. 

Marriage Certificate
 Geoffrey Phillip Russell

Once again thank you for replying, and for your interest. I will be in contact in four to five weeks.

With kind regards,


Great to have your extra information about the Moresby family, the photo of Geoffrey Phillip Russell, and the Marriage Certificate.


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