Count Felix von Luckener and Douglas Stewart, who was a DC in the Fijis in 1917

Greetings from Adelaide, Mac, and congratulations on a most interesting
Web site.

I have an interest  in the "Long Lace" torpedoes (and torpedo propulsion  systems in general, for that matter...), and was surprised to see you showing the type 95's using liquid Oxygen - I had thought it to be compressed Oxygen only. Might you clarify this issue for me, I wonder..? (See the article)

And the oxygen (enriched..?) torpedoes as used on the Canberra .. would
you happen to know their service type/mark please?

Best regards,
Geoff Chennells

Hello Geoff,

Thank you for your kind comments about Ahoy, it is always nice to be

The Japanese Type 95 torpedo was of course not a Long Lance as it was a 21
inch fish, used by Submarines.

Immediately following that paragraph I was talking about the 24 inch Long 
Lance, which ran on pure oxygen as opposed to a conventional compressed air
driven torpedo. I may well be remiss in using the term liguid oxygen, perhaps I should have said running on pure oygen.

When Canberra used enriched air torpedoes, they were I believe, Mark
VII's, when they were replaced with compressed air driven torpedoes they would have been Mark IX** ones.

You can find some information on Japanese Torpedoes on

I trust I have helped in a small way.

Again my thanks,

Mackenzie Gregory.

Thanks for the prompt response, Mac my typo error in saying Type 95, of course.

Will follow up your suggestion with the link sent regards and thanks again...

Geoff Chennells

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