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Under Water Warfare The Struggle Against the Submarine Menace 1939 -1945
Weapons and Defences of the Submarine and Anti-Submarine War - Japan

At the commencement of hostilities, the Japanese oxygen driven Type 95 Mod 1 Torpedo was the most reliable in any navy. Although the British Navy had used an oxygen driven Torpedo for many years, it was decided that it posed too many safety risks, and it had been discarded. It is interesting to note that the last ship to carry oxygen Torpedoes was our own H.M.A.S."Canberra."

Post war, the Japanese Navy reported that they did not experience any accidents aboard their ships, and believed that the oxygen Torpedo was superior to the "air" driven one.

Type 95 Mod, 1 Torpedo
It was a 21 inch Torpedo launching a 900 pound war head for 10,000 yards at a speed of 49 knots, or 13,000 yards at 45 knots. The Mod 2, a later version, increased the war head to 1,210 pounds for 6,000 yards at 49 knots, or 8,200 yards at 45 knots.

This model had been introduced in 1943, as the Mod. 1, had problems with the pressurization of the oxygen container vessels.

The Long Lance Torpedo
Just for comparison purposes, this 24 inch surface-ship Torpedo, running on pure oygen, was superior in performance, speed and above all, range, to any Allied Torpedo. It carried a 1,078 pound war head an amazing 22,000 yards at 49 knots, or 40,000 yards at 36 knots. Many of its victims must have wondered "where did that Torpedo come from?"  (See this letter)

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