Images of the rescue of Poseidon survivors

September 23, 2009

Dear Mr Gregory
I was directed to your website by a contact and have seen the amazing images of the rescue of Poseidon survivors. They are images that we do not have in our Collection and was wondering if it would be possible for you to send me copies of them for our files. We would, of course, respect your copyright and they would be for reference purposes only.

If you are able to assist I would be very grateful and I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.


Debbie Corner
Keeper of Photographs/Temporary Exhibitions Coordinator
RN Submarine Museum
Haslar Jetty Road
PO12 2AS
Tel: 023 9251 0354 Ext 234



Photos of aircraft and HMS Hermes, the first aircraft carrier built for the Royal Navy

She was with HMAS Australia when we were at Dakar for the de Gaulle debacle there in September of 1940. Find out more about Hermes at uboat.net.

HMS Hermes
Hermes, written on the back of the photo “Arrived Sheerness July 24 1933”

HMS Hermes
No information, but must have been between 1930/33

HMS Hermes
No information, but must have been between 1930/33

HMS Hermes

HMS Hermes

HMS Hermes
 Written very faint, i think it says “June 31 survivors Poseidon

HMS Hermes
 Written very faint, i think it says “June 31 survivors Poseidon

HMS Hermes
 Written very faint, i think it says “June 31 survivors Poseidon

HMS Hermes
 Written very faint, i think it says “June 31 survivors Poseidon

HMS Hermes
Written on back, I think its says Lindbergh

Hello there Mac,

That's an outstanding set of photographs associated with HMS Hermes you have put up on your blog.

There is a good deal of historical significance attached to some of them.  I've done a bit of research, and can tell you few things.

Photograph number 3 - This is a Lockheed Sirius aircraft.  It was almost certainly taken on Wednesday 30 September 1931 when a Lockheed Sirius (named "Tingmissartoq") piloted by Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh and his wife Anne Morrow Lindbergh landed on the Yangtze River at Hankow near HMS Sirius.

Here is a photograph of Tingmissartoq in the Smithsonian for comparison:

Photographs numbered 6 through 9 - As you are no doubt well aware HM S/M Poseidon collided with a Chinese merchant vessel Yuta on 5 June 1931.  Upon reaching the site of the collision Hermes launched 4 boats and picked up 5 survivors of whom one later died.  The heavy cruiser HMS Cumberland which arrived first on the scene picked up many more survivors.  22 crew died in total.

Photograph number 10 - Tingmissartoq being craned aboard HMS Hermes.  Looks like Colonel Lindbergh standing on the wing.  Looks like Anne Morrow Lindbergh sitting above the rear cockpit. 

HMS Hermes on  China Station 1930/33 by Jonathan Parkinson - Pages 105 - 108 re HM S/M Poseidon, Pages 112 - 114 re Lindbergh: 


Wikepedia HMS Poseidon:


Smithsonian institution notes on Lockheed Sirius "Tingmissartoq": 


Large view photograph of "Tingmissartoq" 


Website containing alternative views of Lindbergh and Tingmissartoq aboard and nearby HMS Hermes


Mac,  certainly aviation memoribilia collectors would be very interested in the pics of Lindbergh and Tingmissartoq. 

I'm interested in publishing scans of the pics on my blog and on my Flickr photo sharing page.  To whom do I need to address permission to obtain scans of all these and to publish? 


Read Bob's blog here:


The photos were sent to me by an unknown photographer, the copyright was not mine.

But I guess if you do need to aknowledge them attribute them to Mac's Web Log and an unknown photographer.

Pleased to help a little.


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