Henry Coombs, Southampton

Capt. Henry Coombs.

Fri, December 11, 2009

Hello Mac, Sorry if I have been wrong in sending my Email, but when I put on my web, recently  "Henry Coombs, Southampton"  and your details came up, with a Rose Flood nee Coombs, I was astounded, as I have no pictures of my Great Grandfather, and my father only (k)new him as a young man, but spent 23 years in the Royal Navy, serving on the Curacoa for many years until being invalided out in 1937. He spoke
often of Capt. Coombs but never went into any details.The person relating to him must be a distant relative through his mother, I believe he signed himself Richard Bell.

Could you forward this message on to him, if possible.

yours  sincerely  Rosemarie Bocock, nee Singleton


It is not a problem E-mailing me, I live in Melbourne Australia, and am in Sydney over Christmas, and not on my computer where all myinformation resides.

Here, I use my son's computer just to monitor my mail, so please be patient until I am home again.

All the best for the festive season.


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