HMS Euryalus of the 4 funnel Cressy Class cruisers in the RN

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Sydney's Powerhouse Museum has put up an interesting old photo showing a 4-stack warship. I wonder if you or your friends can help to identify the ship. If so, I'll tell the museum so they can add that to the information about the pic. It was taken some time between 1900 and 1917.

The link to the Flickr photograph is this: 


The link direct to the museum's website which includes a zoom facility is here:


A good deal of detail can be seen using the zoom facility, including the white ensign flying at the ship's stern.

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There were not too many 4 funnel cruisers in the RN, but the Cressy Class were and the 6 ships were:

  • HMS Cressy. Sister ships were
  • HMS Aboukir,
  • HMS Bacchante,
  • HMS Euryalus,
  • HMS Hogue and
  • HMS Sutlej.

HMS Euryalyus

HMS Euryalyus
Painting of HMS Euryalus.


HMS Euryalyus C 1908
HMS Euryalyus  C 1908.

Cressy, Aboukir and Hogue were all sunk by German Submarine U-9 in a 75 minute time slot on September 22nd. 1914

Of these cruisers I believe that HMS Euryalus was the only one to serve on the Australian Station, and she would be my choice.



October 18, 2012

I landed on your page asking about the identity of a 4-stack warship: "HMS Euryalus of the 4 funnel Cressy Class cruisers in the RN"
The ship is one of the two Powerful class cruisers: HMS Powerful or HMS Terrible.

These two are easily distinguished from the later 4-funnel Diadem, Cressy, Drake and Devonshire classes as follows:

1. The two centre funnels were closer together; the other classes had evenly spaced funnels.
2. A flush deck extended all the way to the stern; the other classes had a noticeable break in the deck at the stern.


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