HMS Edinburgh

November 7, 2010

Hi Jon When I found your letter on web I was little excited. You maybe chance for me to get more information about our great uncle.

He was on HMS Edinburgh – survived her last day and he was also on Trinidad time of sinking he survived and reached Greenock UK.

I am looking for any little information about his time on these ships.

Could you help / advice?

Mary Jane
living in Texas

Mary Jane,

See this URL: "The Golden Cruiser. HMS Edinburgh" for the story about HMS Edinburgh.

HMS Trinidad. This URL: http://www.naval-history.net/xGM-Chrono-06CL-Trinidad.htm will you give a history of HMS Trinidad.

My name is Mackenzie and not Jon.


Hi Mackenzie 

I am sorry to messed up your name. My apology.  Thank you for your answer, I already seen these web sites.... I was more hoping for list of "passengers" or photos final landing in Scotland..anything about my uncle. What happened with survivors in Greenock....I have few months gap between his presentation in RAF.

Is anything like that in archives in UK? Do you have any chance to know where?

I hope you understand, I am deeply in this research I try anything to get a little piece.

Thank you
Mary Jane


I am sorrry but I cannot find any further details about the Survivors from HMS Trinidad arriving home at Greenock, nor any other detail about your Uncle.

Best wishes,


Thanks anyway... I just try my best. Next week I will be in London "digging" so perhaps I will have luck.... I love to do it and I hope to get some interesting piece of history again...

Are you near London?

Why you do that web, we must have something common?

take care

Hello Mary D,

I could not be further away from London, some 12,000 miles away in Melbourne Australia.

Why do I do it? Because of my love of Naval History, 20 years in the Royal Australian Navy, and a desire to help people unravel mysteries if I am able.

Good luck in UK.

Best wishes,

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