German raider Mowe

August 12, 2012 dave Faust   daibando1@aol.com

Dear Sir:

I just finished reading your article on the German raider Mowe. Well done!!

Last year I finished reading several books about the Confederate Raiders during our Civil War which led to readings about the WWII German Raiders, which of course led to a book I stumbled across in our local library "The Wolf' by Richard Guilliant and peter Hohnen.

The web is a wonderful thing as it led to further research which led me to your site. Your article was extensive and well written. If there is enough first hand accounts of the Mowe's activities I hope that you will be able to write a book on the topic.

dave Faust
Tucson Arizona


My thanks for your kind words much appreciated.

I am flattered that you think I might write a book on Moewe's exploits.

The Armed Raiders of the Confederate War, WW1, and WW11, make a fascinating study, and they did so much damage to their enemies merchant shipping.

I still marvel how their Captains managed to motivate their crews over extended periods and such a long way from home.

Best regards,

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