Edward Lancaster (known as Scotty), on the Voltaire when it was sunk

February 27, 2013


Sorry to bother you, but I have very recently started looking into the history of my Grandfather Edward Lancaster (known as Scotty), he was from Hartlepool in England.  He was on the Voltaire when it was sunk and subsequently was a POW.  On your website I found his name on the Times list and would be interested to learn more. I found reference to a book called ‘Sailors in Cages’ but haven’t been able to find a copy anywhere. Do you have any information on where I might be able to get a copy?

Any  information you could share would be very much appreciated.



I cannot unearth a copy of Sailors in Cages for sale, but see this URL: http://catalogue.nla.gov.au/Record/2733219

For the Australian Nation Archives, they have a copy that you may be able to access on line.


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