HMS Voltaire Roll Of Honor

Dear Mac - last Saturday I added a piece to what I have already said about the Voltaire and mentioned that I had
the full crew listing at the time of the loss. I can paste that in here now and maybe you can re-position it to
wherever it is likely to be of most use.

Regards - Simon Templer






  1.      Bradfield, T       First Radio Officer
  2.      Davies, W          Temporary Lieutenant-Commander, RNR
  3.      Downes, A.E        Temporary Sub-Lieutenant (E), RNR
  4.      Fraser, A.S        Second Radio Officer
  5.      Howard, P.L        Acting Sub-Lieutenant, RNR
  6.      McKeith, A.G       Supply Engineer
  7.      McLaughlin, J.F    Temporary Acting Sub-Lieutenant (E), RNVR
  8.      Smith, G.H         Junior Engineer
  9.      Sutton, F.W        Gnr. RN (Gunner?)
  10.     Taggart, H.W       Lieutenant-Commander, RNR
  11.     Wood, J.R          Refrigeration Engineer

Died of Wounds

  1.      Jackson, W.B       Temporary Lieutenant, RNR
  2.      Roberts, B.B       Midshipman, RNR

Prisoners of War

  1.      Blackburn, J.A.P   Acting Captain, DSC, RN (in command)
  2.      Bevin, W.R         Temporary Lieutenant, RNR
  3.      Burgoyne, N.A      Temporary Sub-Lieutenant (E), RNR
  4.      Costelloe, E       Temporary Sub-Lieutenant (E), RNR
  5.      Cross, H.S         Temporary Acting Sub-Lieutenant (E), RNVR
  6.      Devine, G          Junior Engineer
  7.      Duckett, J.E       Temporary Paymaster Lieutenant-Commander, RNR 
  8.      Edwards, N         Temporary Paymaster Lieutenant, RNR
  9.      Evans, J.H.E       Temporary Lieutenant, RNR
  10.     Fisher, C.M        T/Acting Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander, RCNVR
  11.     Hoggard, J.W       Sub-Lieutenant,
  12.     Hunter, A.C        Radio Officer
  13.     McClelland, J.R.A  Electrician
  14.     Mackenzie, G.O     P/Midshipman, RNR
  15.     Mercer, R          Lieutenant-Commander, RNR
  16.     Miller, N.G        Junior Engineer
  17.     Muir, J.M          Temporary Lieutenant-Commander (E), RNR
  18.     Pearce, D.S        Chief Steward
  19.     Price, F.H         Temporary Paymaster Sub-Lieutenant, RNR
  20.     Templer, J.T       A/Commander, RN-(probably RNR, second in command)
  21.     Thompson, J.V      Temporary Commander (E), RNR



  1.      Adair, W           Carpenter
  2.      Altman, H          Ship's Clerk
  3.      Angus, T           Able Bodied Seaman
  4.      Atkinson, E        Ordinary Seaman
  5.      Barnard, F         Chief Petty Officer
  6.      Biles, A.A.C       Acting Leading Seaman RFR
  7.      Bowles, W.C         Acting Petty Officer
  8.      Brown, H.G         Reg. Petty Officer
  9.      Caine, H.J         Sculln (?)
  10.     Cairns, J          Assistant Steward
  11.     Cairy, W           Pantryman
  12.     Chapman, L.E       Ordinary Seaman
  13.     Cochrane, A        Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  14.     Cooley, W          Able Bodied Seaman
  15.     Coulter, A.T       Ordinary Seaman, RNVR
  16.     Crowe, G.F         Ordinary Seaman
  17.     Cullen, P          Assistant Steward
  18.     Cunningham, H.R.W  Ordinary Seaman
  19.     Davies, A.J        Acting Leading Seaman
  20.     Doe, D.S.A         Ordinary Signalman
  21.     Finnigan, J        Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  22.     French, W.E        Seaman, RNR
  23.     Friel, C           Ordinary Seaman
  24.     Goodman, C.C       Chief Engine Room Artificer (ERA)
  25.     Grocott, W.        Able Bodied Seaman
  26.     Houston, F         Signalman, RNR
  27.     Joyce, P           Ordinary Seaman
  28.     Keatings, J        Assistant Ck (clerk or cook)
  29.     King, G.T          Able Bodied Seaman
  30.     Knott, A.J         Leading Seaman
  31.     Lewthwaite, A      Acting Leading Seaman
  32.     Lowery, J          Leading Sick Bay Attendant
  33.     McCoy, T           Diesel Greaser
  34.     McGeehan, J.J      Fireman
  35.     McGregor, G        Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  36.     McKinnes, E        Ordinary Seaman,RNVR
  37.     McNeir, J.E        Chief Petty Officer
  38.     Martin, F.W        Seaman, RNR
  39.     Murray, J.S        Able bodied Seaman, RNVR
  40.     Musgrave, W        Ordinary Seaman, RNVR
  41.     Nash, F            Able Bodied Seaman, RFR
  42.     Oakley, G.R        Leading Seaman
  43.     Oliver, S.J        Able Bodied Seaman
  44.     Parke, T.W         Seaman, RNR
  45.     Paton, N.G         Ordinary Seaman, RNVR
  46.     Paton, T           Seaman, RNR
  47.     Price, T           Ordinary Seaman
  48.     Reid, T            Greaser
  49.     Robson, A          Ordinary Seaman
  50.     Roche, W. P        Sculln (?)
  51.     Ross, D.A          Seaman, RNR
  52.     Ryan, M            Greaser
  53.     Scott, R           Ordinary Seaman
  54.     Skinner, G         Carpenter's Mate
  55.     Smillie            Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  56.     Snell, R.W         Ordinary Seaman
  57.     Stamp, G.C         SB, Chief Petty Officer (?)
  58.     Sutcliffe, C       Ordinary Seaman
  59.     Thomas, H          Able Bodied Seaman
  60.     Tweedie, J.A       Acting Leading Seaman, RNR
  61.     Waters, R.D.F      Able Bodied Seaman
  62.     Wilson, H.R        Able Bodied Seaman



  1.      Harris, M.E.J      Able Bodied Seaman

Prisoners of War

  1.      Abraham, D.C       Assistant Steward
  2.      Aitken, J.C        Ordinary Seaman, RNVR
  3.      Alcock, J          Ordinary Seaman
  4.      Alexander, J.S     Ordinary Seaman
  5.      Alexander, J       Seaman, RNR
  6.      Alsopp, E          Ordinary Seaman
  7.      Anderson, C.W      Seaman, RNR
  8.      Anderson, W        Ordinary Seaman
  9.      Andrews, E         Greaser
  10.     Andrews, F.C       Assistant Steward
  11.     Armstrong, R       Leading Seaman, RNVR
  12.     Baker, J           Trmr (?)
  13.     Barnham, T         Able Bodied Seaman
  14.     Barney, G.H        Ordinary Seaman
  15.     Bascombe, W.F      Bosun
  16.     Bateson, B         Assistant Steward     
  17.     Beale, E           Seaman, RNR
  18.     Bell, A.W          Assistant Steward
  19.     Black, G           Fireman
  20.     Bookless, T.W      2nd Steward
  21.     Boyce, T           Carpenter's Mate
  22.     Brown, S           Assistant Steward
  23.     Bryden, J          Ordinary Seaman, RNVR
  24.     Burchfield, H.F    Ordinary Seaman
  25.     Bushell, J.H       Ordinary Seaman
  26.     Caffyn, A.E        Assistant Baker
  27.     Canniff, J         Fireman
  28.     Carr, J            Ordinary Seaman
  29.     Carter, A.J        Ordinary Seaman
  30.     Cassidy, T         Seaman, RNR
  31.     Challenger, F.C    Greaser
  32.     Champion, R.M      Acting Petty Officer
  33.     Charman, L         Acting Petty Officer
  34.     Chatterton, A      Fireman
  35.     Christie, D        Assistant Steward
  36.     Christie, J.S      Ordinary Seaman
  37.     Clague, J.E        Pantr (Painter?)
  38.     Coosner, M         Greaser
  39.     Coward, R.V        Ordinary Coder
(author of the book "Sailors in Cages")

  40.     Cowie, L.H         Greaser
  41.     Cox, P.E           Ordinary Seaman
  42.     Craig, J           Assistant Steward
  43.     Cusins, G.L        Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  44.     Cuthell, A         Fireman
  45.     Dailly, C          Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  46.     Davis, F           Assistant Steward
  47.     Deer, H.W          Able Bodied Seaman
  48.     Devine, A          Leading Seaman, RNR
  49.     Dixon, J           Storekeeper, (Assistant)
  50.     Downton, H.T       Able Bodied Seaman
  51.     Doyle, J.P.R       Able Bodied Seaman, RNR
  52.     Duke, H.J          Ordinary Seaman
  53.     Ede, A.T           Able Bodied Seaman
  54.     Fearnley, J        Ordinary Seaman
  55.     Fitzjohn, T.G      Petty Officer
  56.     Foley, R           Fireman
  57.     Foley, T           Fireman
  58.     Freeman, W.H       Ordinary Seaman
  59.     Gates, D.G         Ordinary Coder
  60.     Goddard, R.B       Acting Petty Officer
  61.     Gosson, T.J        2nd Cook
  62.     Groucott, E        Ordinary Seaman
  63.     Hamill, J          1st Class Storekeeper
  64.     Hancock, F.B       Ordinary Seaman
  65.     Hannaway, S        Assistant Steward
  66.     Harbottle, R.E.T   Acting Leading Seaman
  67.     Hardie, J          Assistant Ck (Clerk or Cook?)
  68.     Harding, H.C       Chief Petty Officer
  69.     Hartless, W.H      Fireman
  70.     Hayes, N           Ordinary Coder
  71.     Hazell, A.W        Able Bodied Seaman
  72.     Heath, W.H         Smn (Signalman ?), RNR
  73.     Hibbert, J.P       Able Bodied Seaman
  74.     Hiller, L.A        Ordinary Seaman, RNVR
  75.     Holden, D          Ordinary Seaman
  76.     Howell, G          Seaman, RNR
  77.     Hoy, T.T           Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  78.     Hughes, D.J        Carpenter
  79.     Hughes, M          Petty Officer, RNR
  80.     Hurst, P.D         Ordinary Seaman
  81.     Instone, J.E       Ordinary Seaman
  82.     Joel. O.A          Fireman
  83.     Jones, A           Chief Butcher
  84.     Kane, L.J          2nd Writer
  85.     Kearn, A.J         Signalman
  86.     Kent, J            Carpenter's Mate
  87.     Lait, S.J          Petty Officer
  88.     Lancaster, E       Ordinary Seaman
  89.     Lane, C            Signalman, RNR
  90.     Lawson, R.T        Ordinary Signalman. RNVR
  91.     Leitch, W.A        Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  92.     Lewins, R          Able Bodied Seaman
  93.     Lloyd, P           Ordinary Seaman
  94.     Lyle, J.R          2nd Writer
  95.     Macdonald, A       Able Bodied Seaman
  96.     McFarlane, J       Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  97.     McGowan, F         Carpenter's Mate
  98.     McIntosh, J.W      Acting Leading Seaman, RNR
  99.     Mackay, R.P.M      Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  100.    McKenzie, A.F      Ordinary Seaman
  101.    McLaren, J.H       Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  102.    McLean, D          Ordinary Seaman, RNVR
  103.    Maltman, R.B       Plumber
  104.    Manning (?), J.P   Greaser
  105.    Mapston, F.W       Ordinary Seaman
  106.    Middleton, W.C     Signalman, RFR
  107.    Milne, J.N         Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  108.    Money, D.A         Ordinary Seaman, RNVR
  109.    Moran, J           Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  110.    Moran, M           Fireman
  111.    Mullone, M.L       Acting Leading Seaman
  112.    Murie, A           Carpenter's Mate
  113.    Murphy, S          Petty Officer
  114.    Murray, A          Donkeyman
  115.    Murray, T          Greaser
  116.    Nichols, F         Greaser
  117.    Nightingale, W.C   Ordinary Seaman
  118.    Nobbs, R.J         Chief Baker
  119.    Nutt, J            Ordinary Seaman
  120.    Ogilvie, G.E       Acting Petty Officer, RNR
  121.    Palmer, W          Carpenter's Mate
  122.    Pattison, J        Ordinary Seaman
  123.    Peters, J.F        Greaser
  124.    Pickstock, E       Assistant Ck (cook or clerk?)
  125.    Piper, E.T         Acting Leading Seaman
  126.    Puttock, W.D       Acting Petty Officer
  127.    Ralph, J           Signalman, RNR
  128.    Randall, E.G       Fireman
  129.    Ransome, A         Petty Officer
  130.    Reed, H.F          Fireman
  131.    Reid, J            Fireman
  132.    Reilly, J          Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  133.    Riley, A.J         Assistant Ck (cook or clerk?)
  134.    Robertson, J.P     Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  135.    Robertson, W.F     Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  136.    Rooney, P          Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  137.    Rose, E            Able Bodied Seaman
  138.    Rosenthall, I.J    Chef
  139.    Russell, J.G       Ordinary Seaman
  140.    Shaw, A            Ordinary Seaman
  141.    Shenker, H.J       Assistant Storekeeper
  142.    Simmons, W         Acting Leading Seaman, RNR
  143.    Skeats, P.R        Fireman
  144.    Smallbone, N.H     Fireman
  145.    Smart, P           Fireman
  146.    Smith, T           Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  147.    Smith, W.M         2nd Butcher
  148.    Stonehouse, R.J    Acting Leading Seaman, RNR
  149.    Taylor, D          Assistant Ck (cook or clerk?)
  150.    Thompson, R.W      Able Bodied Seaman
  151.    Thornson , P       Petty Officer, RNR
  152.    Thwaites,G         Signalman, RNR
  153.    Thwaites, W        Signalman, RNR
  154.    Tidbury, G         Able Bodied Seaman, RNVR
  155.    Tinsley, H         Assistant Steward
  156.    Tolly, H           Ordinary Seaman
  157.    Wallace, J.H.A     Assistant Steward
  158.    Walsh, J.F         Assistant Steward
  159.    Watson, W.J        Signalman, RNR
  160.    Whine, R.W         Petty Officer
  161.    Wilson, A.W        Ordinary Seaman,RNVR
  162.    Worlock, A.R       Chief Yeoman of Signals
  163.    Wright, C          Ordinary Signalman
  164.    Wyeth, A.H         Able Bodied Seaman
  165.    Young, H           Donkeyman
  166.    Young, N           Assistant Steward

South African Rating

    1.    Gunn, H.J          Ordinary Signalman, RNVR


  NAAFI Staff

    1.    Cashia, S          Canteen Manager



Thank you for all your trouble, it will be a great addition to our Volitaire pages, and I am sure all those who have an interest in that ship will be delighted to find through your generosity we can list her full crew. With kindest regards and best wishes for 2006.


Hi Mac.

After another search of The Times for Voltaire, I found one more name for the Roll of Honour:

risoner of war, Pearson, W., T. 124 X.

I've attached the article, dated 12 Aug 1942, entitled Naval Casualties, General Hazards of War (the Roll of Honour that Simon provided was published in The Times 21 Aug 1941).


Martin Elliget

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