Chester A Lemon VK4CCC Thursday Island

April 26, 2012


I would like to email  Chester A Lemon but don't have his email address. I found the post below on your web site.
We had a ham radio contact 23 May 1996 on 14.260 Mhz at 0309 UTC.
Thanks for your help!

In addition, I have traveled from Rabaul/Kokopo on New Britain to Vitu and Hermit Islands in the Bismark Sea with Capt. Rod Pearce who's father was stationed in Rabaul with the Australian Navy in WWII. Rod is a WWII historian and has located many sunken ships and aircraft in that region. He operates a live aboard excursion ship for up to 6 guests called Barbarian II and his email is P2V4260A@sailmail.com is you want to look him up. if you Google Search rod pearce barbarian II rabaul you will get lots of hits.

Skip Cameron W5GAI
8711 Bluegrass Dr.
Austin, TX 78759


September 03, 2010

In late 1943 I was in Cairns as crew on USS PC 477. Some
of our crew took a trip in the ships boat up
the river from the harbour [Smiths Creek?] and picnic-ed
at the home of a man who said that he was a
"straggler" from the White Fleet. I just remember one of
our crew mentioning this at the time.It was
quite a while ago so I could be very wrong but that is
what I remember.

Chester Lemon



Regret that I do not have Chester's Email address.



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