Chester Lemon was in Cairns as crew on USS PC 477 in late 1943. Meet "straggler" from the White Fleet?

September 03, 2010

In late 1943 I was in Cairns as crew on USS PC 477. Some of our crew took a trip in the ships boat up the river from the harbour [Smiths Creek?] and picnic-ed at the home of a man who said that he was a "straggler" from the White Fleet. I just remember one of our crew mentioning this at the time.It was quite a while ago so I could be very wrong but that is what I remember.

Chester Lemon


Thank you for that, I have always wished I might track down some of the crew ex the Great White Fleet who stayed behind in Australia after the Fleet had moved on.

No doubt their stories would make interesting reading.

Best wishes,

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