Capture of Karl Donitz' & Baton

August 17, 2010

Dear Sir

I know the daughter of Hugh Williams (he died last year), his first name was actually Lionel but hated it, who captured Karl Donitz' and Speer and Jodl. Apparently, he took the baton from Donitz and he was well known for his dry and witty remarks and yes he did say 'because you don't need it anymore'! Apparently he gave (or may have been ordered to give it), it to his CO who then gave it to the Shropshire museum! She supplied me with the 'famous' picture and identified Derek Knee or Nee also in the picture as one of the 4 'capturing' officers.

Feel free to post this but please keep my email off, as i get enough spam as it is!

Cheers Mike


Thank you for that, we will of course not publish your E-Mail address.

Could you please send a copy of the capturing photo?

Best wishes,

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