Cammel Laird shipbuilders

January 27, 2012

Hello Mac,

I recently came across your Ahoy Web Log, whilst I was googling the book "Builders of Great Ships", which I recently found on my Dad's bookshelf. You may have noticed that my name is Laird, and I am in fact a direct descendent of William and John Laird who founded the yard. I was particularly interested by Matt Wardle's postings on the "Cammel
Laird's ship building history
" letters page on you Web Log. I see that Matt was working on compiling a graphic representation of the ship building and ship builders at the Cammel Laird yard.

I wonder if you know how Matt is progressing with this work, and whether it is available to see? Or alternatively, perhaps you could forward me his email address? - so I could ask him myself.

With kind regards,
Will Laird


Could you respond to Will about his query please with a cc to me.

I never give out contact details of my correspondents.

Trust you are well.


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