Tribute: "Rewarding Friendship" from Terry Kearns, USA

Hello Raymond,

Thanks so much for writing.

I'm so sorry to hear about Mac. Working with him for the last 13 years has been one of the most rewarding things in my life. Though we never in person except via two phone calls, I consider him a close friend. I think we've published over a million words, I've read every one.

I've always intended to keep Ahoy going. I'm behind on my postings so I have more to publish. I've been a bit worried about not getting emails lately. But when I've been behind over the years, Mac always slowed it down a little, gave some breathing room. Very considerate I thought.

I want to publish anything y'all send, any obituaries, and I'm sure he'll get many emails from readers. He made so many remarkable connections through Ahoy. It's overwhelming.

Our friends the Janney's visited Mac a few years ago. Syd Janney come to my house today to tell me about meeting him in person.

I hope you and the family will stay in touch with me. I think Ahoy is still a living thing and that Mac is "in there," a legacy that still has much to give.

Some years ago, one of the Australian Museums or Libraries archived Ahoy - put it in their digital collections. I can't find it right now. We've added many articles since then. I hope that perhaps in a year or so, they can archive it one more.

(Update: Ahoy - Mac's web log: naval, maritime, australian history and more was selected for preservation by the Australian War Memorial. - TK)

My condolences to all of Mac's family and friends. I look forward to hearing from you.


Terry Kearns
Webmaster since 2001


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